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New Manufacturing Business Ideas With Medium Investment (India Version)

Starting a new big business is intimidating right?

And why shouldn’t it be?

Staring big business requires a lot of investment and once the business is set up it requires a lot of hard work to further flourish. Well, we cannot save you from hard work but what we can definitely do is give you some manufacturing business ideas with medium investment, these business ideas will be small-scale businesses because they require less investment.

Here, in this article we will cover the following things.

  • Why Start a Business With Low Investment.
  • New Manufacturing Business Ideas With Medium Investment
  • Why Start a Business With a Medium Investment
  • Are you skeptical about why to start a business with a medium investment?

After all, we all are taught that big business returns big money right?

but still, there 3 solid reasons to start a business with a medium investment.

let us take a look at them.

Easy Marketing

Ever seen medium to small business owners marketing their products on social media?

Well, that’s what we mean by easy marketing.

In case you have a small business you need to spend zero to a very minimal amount of money on marketing online any big giant business, which spends a hefty amount just to market. 

Gives You a Good Start

If you are a beginner entrepreneur then a small business with medium investment can give you a good start, it is better to know how a small business works than directly jumping on big business.

Less Risk

Medium investment means less risk, but it doesn’t mean no risk.

If you are new to the business world then you don’t need to start with high risk.

Start with a medium investment business, then gradually build your empire.

7 New Manufacturing Business Ideas With Medium Investment

Before starting the list let us make it clear what does medium investment mean?

In case you are thinking about starting a medium manufacturing business, you will need 5 lakh INR to 15 lakh INR to start.

Now let us look into the list of business ideas with medium investment.

1. Cell Phone Case Making

At present, almost everyone uses mobile phones. And when they are using mobile phones, it is also obvious that they will need mobile phone covers. let’s face the truth, we can drive without a helmet but we’ll never use a mobile phone without its cover. Safety matters. 

With just some workers, you can start a small manufacturing unit.

Here, you have two options;

  • Either you manufacture covers for mobile phones of a specific brand,
  • or, you can go with every popular and available models available in the market.

You can also make customizable cell phone cases; they are in high demand.

Setting up a cell phone case-making unit will hardly take 5 to 6 lakh INR, it is a very lucrative start-up.

Cell phone cases are easy to market and sell.

you can market and sell them on social media, Amazon, Flip Kart, etc.

The manufacturing cost of 1 case is hardly 100 INR and you can sell them at double to triple the price.

2. Optical Frame Making

Setting up an optical frame-making unit is a good way to start your entrepreneurial journey.

To make an optical frame you would need a machine and a bunch of people, making an optical frame is easy.

You can contact a company that sells sunglasses and then sell your frame in bulk to them.

The optical frame market is not very saturated which makes it a good option to start with.

To expand the tour business, you can make long-term contracts with giant companies in the area of sunglasses.

This is a very lucrative idea and has high return potential.

3. Scented Candle Making

The trend of scented candles is all over the world, which is why it is a very lucrative business option.

To make a scented candle you don’t require big machinery you can make scented candles in your own home.

The process of making them is also very easy, you just need essential oil and wax.

Marketing scented candles is also an easy task.

Marketing them on Instagram is the best option.

Many young people are making a good amount of money by selling scented candles from their homes.

To further expand it, you can start your own scented candle brand or you can also enter into the luxury scented candle market, which is very lucrative in itself.

4. Plastic Bottle Manufacturing

There are many beverage companies but not all of them make their own bottles.

They buy bottles from bottle manufacturing units in bulk.

Setting up a plastic bottle manufacturing unit is easy and can be done with low investment.

To set up this plant you need to rent a space and you would also need some workers.

Then you can tie up either with a specific company or can make bottles for more than one company.

You surely will have to find companies to sell your bottles to.

But Overall, it is a very lucrative business with very less investment, it just requires a few marketing skills.

5. Furniture Making

Setting up a furniture-making unit is one of the best manufacturing ideas.

All you need is some machines and some good carpenters both of them are readily available. You can either manufacture luxury furniture or daily use furniture, or you can manufacture a specific piece of furniture, all of them have a very good market.

In the beginning, you can start by dominating your region and if you find it good, then you can expand it to other states and ultimately set up a furniture brand.

6. Bakery

Due to the increase in cafes and bakeries in India, this business idea is very lucrative.

Starting a bakery can be very lucrative for a beginner, it requires very little investment.

You can sell your bakery products to cafes and tea houses.

You can also take bulk orders for parties.

You can further expand your bakery by purchasing heavy machines and can sell your goods across the nation.

The bakery business is very good and provides a lot of opportunities to expand.

7. Manufacturing of Automobile Parts

Small automobile parts like nuts, screws, etc are required on a daily basis by any mechanic.

Setting up an automobile part manufacturing unit is a very lucrative idea.

you can manufacture spare parts and tools for cars and bikes.

To further expand this business, you can manufacture dashboard accessories, biking accessories, seat covers, etc.

The market for this business is very wide and you will surely find a place to land your foot. 

These were the best manufacturing business ideas with medium investment.

You can definitely upgrade them and turn them into a big business.

Medium investment manufacturing businesses are good for beginners as they have less risk when compared to big businesses.


It is to be noted that just because these ideas have good return potential, these business ideas won’t work until you do, after all, you are the one who will put your hard work behind it, and you definitely need to work hard to make your business a success, we just assisted you with ideas.

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