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Is Capital Goods A Good Career Path

If you are looking into entering the job market, you may start looking into capital goods. And one question you may ask yourself is – is capital goods a good career path?

With the frequent rise and fall in the economy, it is difficult to predict which careers are in high demand in the upcoming years. But, one field you can look into is capital goods. The capital goods industry is growing in leaps and bounds and will have multiple opportunities for upcoming job seekers.

So, here’s our guide to is capital goods a good career path or not.

1. What do you mean by Capital Goods?

Capital goods are those products used in the production or manufacturing process of other goods and services.  Capital goods are different from consumer goods, as they are often bought with the intent of immediate consumption. Capital goods can include anything from machinery, vehicles, tools, and equipment. They are generally used in mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and multiple other sectors.

Generally, capital goods last longer than consumer goods and are mostly consumed by businesses. These goods are influenced by factors such as economic growth, inflation, and interest rates. 

2. Is capital goods a good career path?

If you are interested in economics or production lines, then capital goods are the best career path for you. They are required in the manufacturing process of consumer goods and directly impact the economy.

Anyone who joins the capital goods industry can see the practical aspects of economics such as supply and demand, the impact of interest rates on products, and inflation processes. So, this knowledge can help in other sectors such as real estate or stock markets.

3. Is capital goods a good career path – Why?

Here are 4 reasons to help you understand is capital goods a good career path or not:

  1. Integral to the Economy: Captial goods are those goods that help in the production of consumer goods. So, if they are present no industry can function. This is why, working in an industry that supports the rest of the businesses, makes capital goods a good career path. 
  2. Job Security: Because businesses always need capital goods, there will always be a demand for these products. Which in turn translates into job security for those working in this industry. 
  3. Good wages: Due to the nature and skill required to work in this field, capital goods jobs pay well. 
  4. Growth in the economy: As the global market continues to grow, the demand for capital goods will increase as well. So, for those looking to work in this field, it is the perfect opportunity for you.

4. What types of industries are considered Capital Goods?

A plethora of industries fall are considered to be a part of capital goods: 

  1. The automotive industry manufacturing trucks, and cars 
  2. The chemical industry produces raw materials used in other industries such as cosmetics 
  3. The textile industry produces fabrics for other industries such as home furnishings 
  4. Steel manufacturers make metal for construction 
  5. The machinery manufacturers make machines

Considering the variety of industries clubbed as capital goods producers, your question of – is capital goods a good career path or not should be getting clearer.

5. What is the actual job of people in the capital goods industry?

People in this industry have multiple responsibilities. The main function is to ensure that high quality and safety standards are met. Also, capital goods workers need to make sure that they maintain and repair the production equipment to prevent wear and tear.

Workers in the capital goods industry also need to update themselves with new developments and the latest technologies in their field and must adapt to the latest technologies in their production process.

Finally, people working in capital goods need to connect with other departments to make sure that production schedules are on time.

6. What are some of the best-paying jobs in the capital goods sector?

The capital goods industry is one of the most important sectors in any economy and has a plethora of job opportunities.

Some of the most common jobs are engineering and manufacturing and provide good salaries and benefits.

Job role Salary (yearly) 
Process engineers $70K+ 
Industrial designers $70K+ 
Mechanical engineers $78K+ 
Toolmakers and machine designers $50K+ 
Project managers $135,000
Software developers $110,140
Engineer manager $149,000
Marketing Manager $141,490
Sales managers $132,290

7. What Education background do I need to have for a chance at a Career in the Capital Goods Industry?

If you are still thinking, about Is capital goods a good career path or not for you, then you need to know that you need to have a minimum bachelor’s degree in economics, business, or any related field to join the capital goods industry. Most positions need a certificate from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Additionally, employers look for candidates who have experience in investment banking and financial analysis.

The Capital goods industry is a vast sector that includes sections such as manufacturing, construction, and transportation. Because of this, there are different types of job opportunities available. Some common jobs include sales manager, financial analyst, and investment banker.

8. Do any capital goods jobs need additional training or apprenticeship?

Considering how vast the capital goods industry is, there are bound to be some jobs that need additional training or an apprenticeship certification. Some examples are: 

  • Boilermakers – must have a 4-year apprenticeship program certification before working independently 
  • Electricians – need an apprenticeship certificate but training length depends from state-to-state
  • Machinists, welders, and sheet metal workers – receive on-job training 
  • Mechanics in Industries and machine operators – a hybrid combination of classes with hands-on experience

9. What are some good companies to work for in the Capital Goods field?

When thinking about – is capital goods good career path or not, you need to take a look at some companies in the industry and then make your decision.

Here are a few companies that are involved in the Capital goods sector: 

  1. General Electric 
  2. Boeing 
  3. Philips 
  4. Siemens 
  5. Caterpillar 
  6. Lockheed Martin


If you are interested in economics or passionate about construction and manufacturing – then the Capital Goods industry is for you. If you are looking for an industry that has continuous growth and offers top salaries and benefits then this is for you.

Some capital goods industries that you can look into are: 

  • The auto industry moving toward electrification 
  • Semiconductor chip production for mobile phones

What’s more, the capital goods industry offers unique job opportunities for people with specialized knowledge and skills such as welders, and boilermakers. This is one of the main industries expected to grow with the advancement in technology and the rise in automation.

Capital Goods Sector FAQ

1. What types of jobs can I get in the Capital Goods Sector? 

You can job ranging from manufacturing to construction to software development. They are all part of the Capital Goods industry.

2. What are some of the pros and cons of working in the Capital Goods Sector? 


  • Less susceptible to economic ups and downs thereby offering greater job stability 
  • Opportunities for professional growth based on the evolution of the industry with the latest technology 
  • Products manufactured in this industry make a real difference in the world


  • The industry is cyclical – there are months of high employment followed by periods of unemployment 
  • Industries tend to be concentrated among specific geographical areas, so workers may need to shift frequently 
  • Workers may need to work long hours to complete projects

3. What are some tips to remember when applying for jobs in the Capital Goods Sector? 

When planning to apply for jobs in the Capital Goods sector, remember to highlight your qualifications and skills. If you have any apprenticeships or additional training then mention those. Also, research the company you apply to and make sure that you fit the position.

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