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6 Passive Income Ideas For 2023

Who doesn’t love the idea of making money doing absolutely nothing? Passive income is something we should all be striving toward, and there are many ways to go about earning it.

You might have looked into low-risk investments, or starting a side hustle that doesn’t take much continual effort. If you’re not quite sure how to get the cash rolling in, here are a few passive income ideas you could look into.

Become an Airbnb Host

Everyone knows that property can be a great investment, but you can make it more immediately lucrative by renting it out as an Airbnb.

If you already have a property to your name, or even an open room in your home that you could hire out, this is a great start. However, people looking to purchase property specifically to hire out as an Airbnb can click this link to discover 11 ways to source off market properties.

1. Create an Online Course

Passive income usually starts with an upfront investment of either time or effort – or perhaps a little of both. Creating an online course shouldn’t cost you all too much other than your precious time.

If you have some specialized knowledge you could share with the world, there are plenty of websites where you can design, create, and sell your courses. Once the job is done, you’ll continue to make money off sales.

2. Sell Templates

Another idea for something you can create and sell digitally is templates, which are incredibly popular online. If you have an eye for design, pick a niche and start creating templates that can continuously bring in some extra money for you.

For example, you could sell Canva templates, or create an Etsy account to sell printable templates like meal planning and budgeting templates.

3. Drop Shipping

The concept of drop shipping is perfect for the budding entrepreneur who simply doesn’t have a whole lot of capital or space for storing stock or producing their own goods.

Drop shipping allows you to create your designs for T-shirts, mugs, bags, blankets, bookmarks, keyrings, and more, and the products are then made to order and shipped to your customer without you ever having to even touch them!

4. Sell Your Photography

We all know those stock photos that are free to use by anyone online. Yup, you can make money doing this too.

Anyone with a decent camera and an eye for photography can make money by selling stock photos (and there are various websites to which you can sell them). Stock photos are always in demand, and you can take pictures of absolutely anything – from the meals you prepare to flowers in your local park.

5. Build an App

Finally, those with serious tech skills that might otherwise be going to waste can put some time, effort, and money into building an app. If you have a great idea, turn it into an app that you can sell on various platforms.

While you will need to maintain and upgrade the app from time to time, it will otherwise be a very low-effort form of income.

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