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Is Real Estate Investment Trusts a Good Career Path – A to Z Guide

Real estate brings a lot of income opportunities and if done right it is arguably one of the most fruitful investments that you can ever do. You can buy land, build a home on it and sell it for a fortune. Also, real estate is something that hardly ceases to be valuable. One such income-generating opportunity in real estate is a real estate investment trust or REIT.b So what is REIT and is it a good investment or not? Is real estate investment trusts a good career path?

If you too have a series of questions related to REIT then you have landed in the right place.

In this blog, I will talk in detail about REIT.

It will be an A to Z guide on REIT.

What is a Real Estate Investment Trust & What are its Benefits?

Let me first make you familiar with what REIT is.

As the name suggests real estate investment fund is an investment fund that invests in income-generating fields in real estate. 

The fund is operated by either the owner of the company or by the shareholders of the company.

Investors get an opportunity to invest in a plethora of real estate like hospitals, schools, hotels, etc. 

REIT invests in these commercial projects and returns it receives special tax considerations from the government.

This whole process of investing in real estate through a trust fund is called REIT and nowadays, it is generating very promising returns for the investors.

Benefits of REIT

Nobody will invest in something before knowing what benefits he will be getting. 

Hence here are some benefits of investing in REIT.

1. You can Start with Small Investments

With REIT you don’t have to buy huge real estate you can start with a small investment and can gradually build your way up.

This REIT provides opportunities for income for each and everyone including small to medium investors.

2. High Liquidity

Remember that real estate is not a liquid investment, which means that it can not readily be converted into cash.

However, REIT is completely the opposite you can sell and buy shares easily and have cash in hand when needed.

3. Highly Profitable

Our main concern was is REIT profitable? 

Luckily, yes!

REIT gives very promising returns in the long term.

4. High Security and Return

REIT promises to secure your profit.

Hence, there is one less thing to worry about while investing.

What are The Different Types of Real Estate Trusts?

If you are willing to invest in a real estate investment fund then you must know the different types of real estate investment funds present out there.

Here Are Different Types of Real Estate Investment Funds

(a) Mortgage REIT

Mortgage REIT allows you to invest in mortgage assets, they do not hold any physical real estate themselves but the roles are mainly related to the field of mortgage REIT.

(b) Equity Real Estate Investment Trust

In the equity real estate investment trust, the company itself owns a property, and the management of the property is looked upon by themselves, the entire operation is dependent upon the stockholders.

It is more of a traditional way of investing in real estate and is very profitable.

(c) Asset

Assets include all commercial properties like schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, etc. all these commercial properties are open for investing and you can invest in them however you like.

Is a Real Estate Investment Fund a Good Career Path?

You must be wondering.

Is real estate investment trusts a good career path?

If you are looking for making a career in a real estate investment fund then you must know about the job opportunities available under the real estate investment fund.

Real estate is growing day by day at a very noticeable pace and will continue to grow in the future as well.

Hence, a real estate investment fund is a very promising career opportunity and can benefit you a lot.

Here are the types of jobs available in the real estate investment fund.

Jobs in The Real Estate Investment Fund


It is one of the core jobs in real estate investment funds. There is a development team that performs on-field functions such as dealing with contractors and subcontractors. 

They are the core of the organization as they are the ones who go out and bring the best bang for the buck for the organization.

Hence, being a part of the development team can open a whole lot of opportunities for you.

Property Management

Are looking for the highest-paid job in the real estate field?

Then the job of property management is the best for you.

It is not only the highest-paid job in the field of real estate but it is also one of the most attractive jobs.

Property management as the name suggests manages operations related to the property, they also manage customer service.

Hence, making it one of the highest-paid jobs in the real estate world. You can start working as a property manager without investing anything plus it has great earning potential.

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Asset Management

Asset management is responsible for the operational as well as the financial performance of assets.

Many well-established real estate investors appoint their asset manager who looks after the company’s entire asset management.

Acquirement Team

The acquirement team is also a very important part of a real estate management organization. They formalize plans to acquire new and profitable investment opportunities.

For this job an analytical bent of mind is very important, after all, you will be the ones searching for profitable investments.

Generally, it is off-field work however, occasional interaction with clients and investors is involved in the job.

So these were the job options available for you in the world of real estate.

so, is real estate investment trusts a good career path? 


All of them have very promising careers and also pay well, it is up to you as to which one to go for. 

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequent Google questions about real estate investment funds.

(i) Is Real Estate Investment A Good Option?

Ans: Yes, real estate investment is one of the best long-term investment options present out there.

(ii) What is The Average Rate of Return on a Real Estate Investment Trust?

Ans: The average (YOY) year-over-year rate of return is around 11.1%.

(iii) Which Type of Real Estate Investment Makes The Most Money?

Ans: If you want to make the most money out of real estate then you must invest in real estate with a high ROI.

(iv) How will REITs Perform in 2022?

Ans: In 2021 uncertainties like COVID resulted in a dip in the market but still, REITs were performing well because of their strong fundamentals, and the same is expected in 2022.

Hence, REIT is again expected to perform well in 2022.

(v) Is REITs Good Right Now?

Ans: REITs were in the best-performing economic sectors in 2021 and in 2022 they are expected to give even more promising returns.


Real estate sure is a fascinating world. 

We all real estate investors dream of owning huge buildings and having billion-dollar deals.

However, it may not be possible at the beginning, and here real estate investment fund helps in getting you started with your very first investment in the world of real estate.

It is a very promising investment with high returns and high liquidity. This should be in your investment portfolio. 

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