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Is Hotels/Resorts A Good Career Path? An Overview

Curious about the viability of a career in the vibrant world of hotels and resorts? Is Hotels/Resorts A Good Career Path?

As globetrotters continue to traverse new horizons, the significance of these hospitality havens becomes increasingly apparent.

But, does the allure of working in hotels and resorts translate into a fulfilling and promising career path?

In this exploration, we’ll scrutinize the various facets of the hospitality industry to address the burning question: Are Hotels/Resorts A Good Career Path?

Whether you’re considering stepping into this dynamic field or contemplating a switch, join me as we uncover the intricacies that define the potential of a career in hotels and resorts.

What is The Hospitality Industry?

Let me first explain to you what does hospitality industry means.

As the name suggests it is an industry that caters to people such as hotels, restaurants, etc.

During COVID, these were the industries that suffered the most.

However, now that restrictions had been eased this industry flourished again in no time.

Pros and Cons of Hotels/Resorts As a Career Path

If you are looking to make a career in hotels and resorts then you must be very well aware of the pros and cons of the industry.

Look at the pros and cons and then you will be able to decide clearly what to do and what not to do.

Pros of Hotels and Resorts as a Career Path

(i) No Qualification is Needed to Begin with.

Now don’t get me wrong.

You will need some sort of qualification if you are performing a higher rank duty in the hotels and resorts industry, for example, a manager of a hotel and resort needs to have some sort of basic degree.

However, if you are just starting as an accountant or an attendant, you would not need any degree.

However, you wouldn’t be paid handsomely.

(ii) Easy to Start.

Working in the hospitality industry is very easy, to begin with, plus some hotels and resorts provide free-of-cost training to their employees before actually assigning them tasks.

Hence, it is very easy to start the job and you can even get your initial free training.

(iii) You can earn good money.

Yes, if you diligently perform your tasks in the industry and continue to gain experience and sharpen your skills you will be getting rapid promotions, and in no time you will be earning good money.

(iv) Great as a part-time job.

If you are a student or are willing to bag some extra money then this can be a good opportunity for you.

Some hotels and resorts hire employees on a part-time basis.

Hence, you don’t need to do any additional courses for this job and you can start earning from the very 

next day.

(V) You will meet new people.

This is the ultimate beauty of this industry.

You will be meeting new people every day, this will open you up and will expose you to new experiences, opportunities, and cultures. 

Cons of Hotels and Resorts as a Career Path

(i) Requires a lot of skills.

A job in the hospitality industry may not require much qualification but it surely requires a lot of skills.

You will be dealing with tourists and guests hence you must have certain skills to excel.

(ii) Initially, you can be replaced very easily.

This one is for beginners.

You can be replaced very easily hence, one mistake can be enough to get you out of your job.

This means that the industry is not very forgiving with beginners. But once you have achieved experience and have sharpened your skills you will become an asset to the hotel or resort you are working for.

(iii) You need to have a lot of patience.

You will be dealing with tourists from different parts of the world, some may not even know English, and you will also be dealing with those hot-headed tourists who complain about every tiny bit of things.

Hence, you need to have that level of patience to deal with them and Handle the matter efficiently.

So these were the pros and cons of hotels and resorts as a career path.

Is Hotels/Resorts a Good Career Path?

Now it is time to answer the ultimate question, Are hotels/resorts a good career path?


Hotels and resorts are a great career opportunity and here you can excel just like in any other field. 

It opens you up to new experiences and enhances your social skills plus with time you can make really good money.

The hospitable industry was looked down on for many years but as time progressed the industry also gained huge fame.

If you can get a job at a good star hotel or resort (4 or 5-star) then you can make really good money. 

Hence, the industry has grown many folds and so have the career opportunities in it.

Are Hotels/Resorts a Good Career Path for you?

Now that you know that a career in hotels and resorts is a good opportunity.

But is it good for you?

Are you cut out to be an employee in the hospitable industry?

To Know This Here Are Some Things That You Need To Look For.

  • Are you to ready go through a year of gaining experience? 
  • Are you ready to work extra shifts?
  • Are you willing to learn new languages? 
  • Are you an extrovert person?
  • Do you have good communication skills?
  • Do you have a lot of patience?
  • Are you willing to perform extra tasks for the same pay?
  • Do you enjoy experiencing a new culture?

If the answer to the majority of these things is a yes, then congrats you are cut out to be working in a hospitable industry.

Skills Needed To Excel in The Hotel and Resort Career

You must be wondering what are the needed skills to excel in the hotel and resort career? 

Let me tell you this field requires a lot of skills.

Here is a List of Skills That You Need To Excel in This Field

  • Good communication skills.
  • It would be beneficial if you can speak more languages. 
  • You must learn to cultivate patience. 
  • Good time management.
  • Good organizing skills.
  • You must be able to handle heated situations calmly. 
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Good presentation skills.
  • Cooperation.

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Final Thoughts

In the pursuit of whether “Is Hotels/Resorts A Good Career Path?” we’ve unraveled the dynamic realm of hospitality.

Beyond mere accommodation, it offers a canvas to craft memorable experiences and connect with diverse individuals.

The answer lies in your passion and commitment to shaping the way we experience the world.

So, is Hotels/Resorts A Good Career Path?

Embrace the dynamic landscape, contribute to excellence, and relish the rewarding journey of hospitality—a world where every stay is an opportunity to create lasting impressions.

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