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Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in UK [Updated 2023]

Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in UK!

Glass bottles have become an important part of the lives of people in the UK, the food and beverages sector alone consists of over €27 billion.

Glass bottles are very much preferred by the people of the United Kingdom because of their aesthetic looks and recyclability. 

Uk has some of the best liquor brands in the world like London gin, single malt scotch, Irish whiskey. 

With this it is clear that glass bottles are in huge demand in the UK, they are perfect for the packaging of the premium liquor made there and also give the customer a sense of luxury.

If you are looking for the best glass bottle manufacturing companies in the UK then you have come to the right place. I have compiled a list of the top 10 glass bottle manufacturing companies in the Uk.

Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturing Companies in The UK

Here is the list of the top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in the UK.

1. British Glass

Website: https://www.britglass.org.uk/

British glass is the best glass bottle manufacturing company in the UK. they manufacture a variety of glass products like container glass, flat glass, scientific hollow glass, glass containers, etc.

They believe in providing honest, intelligent, and evidence-based advice, and fostering collaboration and innovation. They have been leading glass manufacturers in the UK and also act as the representative body for the UK industry. 

2. Allied Glass

Website: https://www.alliedglasses.com/

Allied glass company is a glass manufacturing company based in the UK it was established in Yorkshire over 150 years ago. The company manufactures a variety of glass products and excels in retaining customers. 

The company believes in serving customers with its best products and building long-term and everlasting relationships.

3. Vetropack Group

Website: https://www.vetropack.com/

Vetropack Group is the largest glass manufacturer in Uk. it produces over 400,000 units per day and caters to the need of all glass packaging customers. They are based in Scotland and are very popular because of their products and services. 

They believe in manufacturing high-quality products and cater to a large number of individuals. 

4. Bottle Company South

Website: https://www.bottlecompanysouth.co.uk/

Bottle company south is among the leading manufacturers of glass jars in the UK, it is a family-run business and has been manufacturing glass jars and bottles for over a decade now.

The company manufacturers premium quality glassware and caters to the needs of the whole country in a very efficient way.

5. Rotell

Website: https://www.roetell.com/ 

Rotell was established in the year 1984 and now has become a fully grown glass bottle manufacturing company. Rotell has a worldwide network and has clients all over the world. 

They manufacture tons of products including jars and glass bottles for pharmaceutical companies. 

They cater to a wide range of customers like cosmetic and perfumery companies, food and beverages companies, and many more.

6. Ardagh Group

Website: https://www.ardaghgroup.com/

Rockware glass was purchased by the Ardagh group in 2006 and after that, they entered into the spectrum of glass bottle manufacturing companies. Its headquarter is located in the UK and has its presence in 12 countries. This glass bottle manufacturing company has clients all over the world and delivers premium quality glassware.

The company has an amazing team that serves all its customers efficiently and also the products manufactured are of top-notch quality.

7. Multi-lab LTD

Website: https://www.multi-lab.co.uk/

Multi-lab is a family-run business and was set up in the year 1984. Since then the company has spread its roots in the whole UK and also in Europe. They manufacture high purity natural glass and specialize in making glass bottles, especially for pharma companies. 

Quartz glass is used in most of its items. The company manufacturers high-quality glassware and that is the reason for its popular name in the whole UK.

8. Wains of Tunbridge Wells

Website: https://wains.co.uk/

Wains of Tunbridge wells is a family-owned business started in the year 1963 and is located in Tunbridge Wells, it has about 25 employees.

This company manufactures a variety of tint and flint-colored glass bottles suitable for packaging food and beverages, medicines, and chemicals. They also cater cosmetic industry by manufacturing spray bottles and dropper bottles.

9. Cumbria Crystal

Website: https://cumbriacrystal.com/ 

Cumbria crystal produces luxurious and beautiful-looking glass bottles for local businesses. This manufacturing company was established in the year 1976 and since then they had been manufacturing pieces of art.

Cumbria crystal is so popular in the UK that you will find them at all state dinners, international residencies, and British embassies.

10. Beatson Clark

Website: https://www.beatsonclark.co.uk/ 

Beatson Clark had been a leading manufacturer of glass bottles for the past 270 years. Beatson Clark manufacturers high-quality glassware and glass bottles. Their products and designs have been loved by the people since the day the company started manufacturing. 

They cater to a wide spectrum of companies that are in need of glass bottles and jars.

Parting Words

The Uk is one of the largest economies in the world and its trade has spread its roots in almost every corner of the world. That is why it is so important for the UK to produce high-quality glass packaging bottles. 

Glass bottles being attractive attracts customers to themselves and also gives them a feeling of luxury when they touch them, that is why most of the luxurious brands in the UK prefer glass bottle packaging.

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