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How Businesses Are Targeting New Markets and Expanding Their Reach in The US In 2023

Businesses start out aiming to please a niche audience.

However, as the needs of the consumer and business shift, expansion into new markets must take place. Typically, this involves adopting new strategies and launching new services or products.

For example, there are more restaurants in 2023 serving gluten-free and vegan food than ever before.

With the correct strategies in place, you can target new markets and expand your reach.

Starting With Research

Every single business decision needs to be grounded by extensive research, and expansion into new markets is no different.

Therefore, before hopping onto social media platforms or creating new services, you’ll need to analyze your new customers within desired markets.

When you have a detailed consumer profile in hand, you can begin putting together a marketing campaign tailored to the new needs. 

The research state may feel daunting at first, but you have to keep in mind that your new market audience will likely bare a resemblance to your current audience.

Therefore, you should be able to save a little time by using the data readily available to you. 

Studying Competitors

Understanding the audience is only half of the battle.

The next step is researching new market competitors and finding ways to beat them.

Obviously, the overall aim is to do better than the competition, but you should also use this as a learning opportunity.

After all, if they’ve been in the market for a long time, they’ll have a better grasp on how consumers behave. 

Examining Breaking News

Many businesses react to local news when deciding how to appeal to customers in new markets.

For example, in North Carolina, sports betting is speculated to become legal in the near future.

If this happens, betting enthusiasts will be able to claim a DraftKings North Carolina promo code, which they’re already promoting ahead of any confirmed changes to the law.

If there is breaking news relevant to the new market, especially to consumer legislation, your business may be in a position to tap into it.

Collaborate With Other Businesses

There will be a diverse group of businesses serving your new market, but not all of them will be competitors.

For example, there may be a company that provides a service that enhances your product. In this case, you can figure out how to work with them collaboratively, like steering customers to each other’s business.

When choosing companies to target, you’re better off finding a well-established business with good reach.

That way, you’ll have a platform within the new market to get your message out. In most cases, to entice a larger company to help you out, you’ll need to make it worthwhile – maybe by providing discounts to their staff.

Put a Digital Marketing Plan Together

Digital marketing has become the primary focus for businesses in 2023, so it’s essential to make sure that your online presence is being utilized effectively.

Is your website compatible with smartphone screens?

Do you have a solid social media voice?

Are your digital reviews managed properly?

These are the types of questions you need to ask when it comes to your online presence.

The best way to put a digital marketing plan together is by taking a look at your current state, writing goals, and coming up with ways to meet them.

For example, to attract customers in a new location, you’ll have to focus on local SEO

Don’t Underestimate Email Marketing

If you want to have a winning digital marketing strategy, never underestimate the power of email marketing.

Even though a lot of content bounces to spam these days, email marketing is one of the cheapest strategies with the largest return on investment (ROI).

On overage, businesses see a return of around $36 for every $1 spent on the campaign.

Even though email marketing is relatively straightforward, it can be a little overwhelming at first.

Therefore, if you need help with effective email marketing strategies, read this article on HubSpot

Every one of these strategies will help you successfully break into new American markets in 2023.

However, they should form part of your standard PR and marketing strategies: researching customers, setting campaign goals, and working alongside businesses.

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