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Dolly Khanna Blog – Portfolio, Investment Strategy, Net Worth

Indian women have shown many times that entrepreneurship is no longer a male dominant zone. Indian women are becoming more self-reliant than they ever were.

India has seen a surge in the number of women investors in this decade. Talking about self-reliant women and women investors, the name Dolly Khanna recently emerged on the list. 

With an immense net worth of Rs. 344.8 crore and a multi-bagger portfolio which is managed by her husband Rajiv Khanna, Dolly Khanna is a true face of increasing women empowerment in India.

In this Dolly Khanna’s blog, we will give you insights on.


Dolly Khanna’s Investment Story

Dolly Khanna is a Chennai-based large investor, her name is often heard with her husband’s name Rajiv Kumar.

She began her investment journey in 1996, during their initial days, they raised their initial investment capital from the sale of a family business ‘Kwality Milk Food‘ to Hindustan Unilever in 1995.

Since then the couple continued to move forward and never looked back.

Dolly Khanna’s portfolio is managed by her husband.

Though her husband keeps his own investment profile low, he is the real mastermind behind his wife’s multi-bagger portfolio.

Dolly Khanna’s portfolio includes traditional stocks in manufacturing, textile, sugar stocks, and chemicals.

She is known for her lesser-known picks which become multi-baggers.

Dolly Khanna is among the top individual investors on Dalal Street, her stake is more than 1% of 14 listed companies now.

Her portfolio’s first multi-bagger was Hawkins Cookers’ stocks, she bought that stock at Rs.130 till the 9th of June.

Today that stock costs Rs. 6724 and has given 70% of his profit as dividends.

In 2014 the Khannas acquired a stock that surprisingly rose 900% in recent years and that stock was Nilkamal (India’s largest home and office furniture producer).

Dolly Khanna’s Investment Strategy

Every investor has an investment strategy to which he adheres while making investments.

Investment strategy especially in the stock market is very important as it determines the outcome of the investment.

Whether you are a beginner investor or a professional investor, an investment strategy is a must.

Dolly Khanna also follows some strategies while investing, let us have a look at them.


Investing in Product That She Uses

A popular investment saying is to invest in companies that you use.

Dolly Khanna used to use ‘Fem bleach‘ and ‘Nutrilite’ daily, therefore she bought their stocks.

She knows that if the product of the company is good then the company will definitely do good.

Investing in products that she likes makes her portfolio a multi-bagger.

This is a simple yet very powerful strategy that she uses while picking her basket of stocks. Her husband says that if Dolly approves the product we invest in it. 


Investing is all about research, if don’t know how well a company is performing then there is no point in investing in it.

The same strategy is followed by Dolly Khanna while buying a stock.

The brain behind her portfolio is her’s husband, who is very good at analytical reasoning, he is the one who performs the majority of the research.

Research about how well is it performing, Is the company raising or not, what is the market cap of the company, is all part of the research strategy followed by Dolly Khanna.

This also includes risk awareness, as the stock market is full of risks, one can not expect it to be all good all the time. You should be aware of the risks and act accordingly.

Buy & Hold

Stocks slowly and steadily compound over decades, she knows this very well. One should not tinker with the investments and should remain calm and patient.

This strategy yields her mega multi-baggers gains.

These were the strategies that Dolly Khanna follows while investing, these strategies are the reasons behind her strong multi-bagger portfolio.

Dolly Khanna Portfolio 2021

Dolly Khanna’s portfolio is managed by her husband Rajiv Khanna. As per the latest corporate shareholdings filed, Dolly Khanna holds 15 stocks with a net worth of Rs. 350 Cr. Dolly Khanna’s portfolio is given below.


Stock Name Quantity Held Holding Percent Holding Value
KCP Ltd. 3,096,593 2.40% 21.6 Cr
Rain Industries Ltd. 5,623,178 1.67% 65.4 Cr
NOCIL 2,234,455 1.35% 31.5 Cr
Heritage Foods Ltd. 497,790 1.07% 14.0 Cr

Dolly Khanna’s Husband

Dolly Khanna’s husband Rajiv Khanna is the real brain behind Dolly Khanna’s multi-bagger portfolio.

Rajiv Khanna is an IIT graduate from India’s one of the top engineering colleges IIT Madras.

In 1986, he started his venture called Kwality Milk Foods, a frozen yogurt company, which they later sold to Hindustan Unilever in 1995, to raise the capital for investment.

His calm nature and excellent analytical reasoning ability is the reason behind Dolly Khanna’s strong portfolio.

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Reason Behind The Success of Dolly Khanna

Dolly Khanna is considered one of the most successful woman investors in India.

Her portfolio is managed by her husband who is very rational-minded and is also a very good analyst.

They both have each other’s back when in trouble.

They both are long-term investors and their investment meant depends on the needs of the market, if a particular kind of good is in demand they invest in it.

They have strategies pre-planned before investing and they adhered to them throughout their investment journey.

Both of them are fierce investors and are not afraid of failure, take the example of the market crash after the dot-com crash and the financial crisis of 2008, even after these failures they both stood firm on their grounds and made it through that difficult situation together.


A large part of the stock exchange practice of the khannas is derived from the daily lives of common people. It is good to see that women are also making an impact in the Indian stock market.

Dolly Khanna is also an inspiration for young investors she really has some key strategies that young investors can use.

Her husband Rajiv Khanna is also a legend in himself, as he is the real mastermind behind the success of the Khannas, his analytical reasoning and will to fight through adversities are some of the qualities that young investors should chase.

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