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How Many Jobs Are Available in Technology?

During the current downsizing of multinational companies in a number of countries, the tech sector is the usher of dynamism and constancy to the labor market, it has one of the lowest employment rates. As CompTIA researchers found and in response to an additional reference from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a growing prospect is emerging. Tech jobs, spanning various industries, have surged by an impressive 239,000 positions in the last month alone, addressing the critical question: “Main Careers Available in the Technology Area.”

A sizable bump within the tech industry has occurred in the embracing of employment with 12,700 new workers which is for the 20th-consecutive month.

The tech world, among other sectors, faced great adversity in 2028, as the death toll exceeded 185,800 in total. However, in spite of the economic slowdown, the tech industry exhibited extraordinary adaptability, registering a 55% year-over-year growth equivalent to the development of 143,400 jobs.

Now that we have embarked on a journey through the inward workings which keep this rapidly developing area alive, let us shed light on the issues sustaining the growth and discover the horizon which is becoming more visible in the landscape of technology.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Technology?

Tech jobs have been creeping up, with the number of July employer posts of 484k in 2024.

Although this was not yet June; however, it was the highest monthly temperature on record.

In July 2023, US companies put up to 3100K tech vacancies with an addition of 49% shares from 2021.

The GTS is an emerging trend in the tech industry. There is a high tendency for resignation in this sector, which is known for its high work pressure, competition, and stress.

As time wears on in the midst of this worldwide public health crisis, employees have figured out how they’d like things to be changed regarding their professional development, work/life balance, working conditions, and long-term expectations.

The trend revealed discontentment of around four lakh employees and this was largely experienced in the technology companies in the United States as more than four million people left their jobs in June of 2021.

According to a survey, some of the reasons for people quitting are: 

  • Employer treatment during the pandemic (19%)
  • Reduction in pay or lack of benefits (17%)
  • Lacking work-life balance (13%) 

Which Categories Have Recorded Job Growth in Technology?

If you are wondering ‘how many jobs are available in technology?’ Then you need to understand the categories involved. So far, three categories showcased recorded job growth in July 2023. They are: 

1. Other information services like search engines (6800+); 

2. Data processing, hosting, and related services (+4100); and 

3. Computer and electronic products manufacturing (+3300)

About 1 in 5 tech jobs in July were looking for people with less than 2 years of experience.

About half wanted 3-5 years’ experience, while 13% wanted candidates with more than 9 years’ experience.

Emerging Trends and Job Growth Percentages:

Industry Percentage growth
Data scientists 4.3%
Cyber security 4%
Software QA/Software Developers 3.9%
Computer and Information research scientists 3.5%
Web developers and digital interface engineers 2.6%
Emerging tech, IT project management, and others 2.1%
IT support specialists 1.7%

Employers in the tech industry are looking more at the job experience, skills, and personality traits of the candidates rather than college degrees.

This helps create a more diverse pool of candidates for companies to choose from.

Software developers and engineers are some in-demand positions with nearly 148,00 job postings in July 2023.

There is also a significant requirement for the following positions: 

  • IT support specialists
  • IT project managers 
  • Network engineers and architects 
  • System engineers and architects

Emerging technologies drive one-third of job postings in July, but a talent shortage prompts tech companies to explore alternative hiring methods like coding boot camps.

Cybersecurity faces recruitment challenges, with the “seller’s market” concept prevailing, exacerbated by the great resignation.

Factors like remote work, limited travel, and quality of life now outweigh salary, making it harder to attract high-salary-seeking employees.

In recent days the unemployment rate fell to a record low in May, and the employer job posting passed 443,000 as per data collated by CompTIA.

U.S. employers are intensifying their hunt for tech talent, with over 190,000 jobs projected for creation in 2024, as reported by Janco Associates.

The CompTIA report highlights key tech roles in demand, including software engineer, software developer, IT support specialist, IT project manager, network architect/engineer, and systems engineer/architect.

Which Tech Jobs Have Seen a Jump in Salary?

how many jobs are available in technology

As per the survey of O’Reilly Media, the development which is cloud-oriented earns comparatively higher than other tech workers as the survey significantly points this out.

On the other hand, the report suggests that the employee with cloud capabilities is one of the most demanded and pursued people who are available in the sector.

The outcome was that cloud expert gets an annual income of $183,000.

Because of the restructuring process which happened in the technology industry, the average wage has grown by 4.3% in the previous year.

In a sad discovery, women get an 8% lower salary compared to men, which was a piece of evidence from the study.

Some of the highest-paying jobs in the tech industry are: 

  • Directors ($235,000)
  • Executives ($231,000)
  • Architects ($196,00) 
  • Leads ($190,000)
  • Managers ($188,000) 


If you are a skilled tech specialist or a rookie, you may want to have a look at a number of available IT careers prior to jumping into the world of high technology.

Due to the ongoing revolution of The Great Resignation, people now seek more employment which allows him/her to have more efficiently, a better balance between life and work, and an overall great work environment.

Thus, find the purpose right, for which you can see yourself exist for because there are currently hundreds of jobs available for grabs.

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