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What Is Diversity Built Britain 50p? Here is Everything You Need To Know

If you want to learn about the diversity built in Britain 50p then you are in the right place.

This new 50p is meant to celebrate the diversity of people coming from different backgrounds.

A series of such coins by the Royal Mint will come and the diversity built Britain 50p is the first among them.

The main attraction of this coin is that it features the words “diversity built Britain” on it.

These coins are meant to pay tribute to the people coming from different ethnic communities like black and Asian.

The following article is all about diversity built in Britain 50p.

What Is Diversity Built In Britain 50p?

The Royal Mint has planned to release a series of coins to represent and pay tribute to different minor ethnic communities like the Black Community, Asian community, and several other minor communities.

This coin is designed by Dominique Evans.

This coin is not as valuable as it may sound; according to the change checker, this coin is valued at £4.50.

The coin has the engraving – Diversity Built Britain written on it.

To know more about this coin you must read the story behind it.

The Story of Diversity Built In Britain

The coin is the result of years of work by Zehra Zaidi and Dr. Patrick Vernon.

It is the result of the Banknotes from the Color Campaign and was released during Black History Month.

The British coins and the banknotes that circulate generally do not feature any BAME individual.

So, the Banknotes of Color campaigned to take this to attention and proposed to feature some BAME individuals in the British coin.

The proposed figures like secret agent Noor Inayat Khan from World War II and the Crimean Nurse named Mary Seacole be featured on the British currency.

When the Black Lives Matter protest broke out around the world, according to the reports by The Sunday Telegraph Chancellor Rishi Sunak was considering putting forward a proposal for the Banknotes of Color.

Although the new coin that came out is meant to represent the diversity in Britain, it still does not feature the image of any BAME individual.

But the intent is to highlight the value of diversity present in Britain.

There has not been any confirmation from The Royal Mint whether or not they will feature any image of people of color in the upcoming coins.

But, according to what Mr. Sunak has said, the coins that will come later will feature the impact made by the ethnic minority communities in Britain.

Here Is How The Diversity Built Britain 50p Looks like

The version of the coin in circulation may look very similar to the brilliant uncirculated version.

However, based on how the coin is handled, it may look a little different than the uncirculated ones.

Dominique Evans, the man who designed the coin said that he was thinking of what diversity meant to him when he designed the coin.

According to his belief irrespective of where someone is born, they belong under the same sky.

In the background of the coin, you will see a geodome connected by a series of lines and triangles that interconnect them like a network.

Each part of the connection is equal and they symbolize a community and the strength and unity that binds them.

Is Diversity Built Britain 50p Rare?

Are you looking for these coins?

Then you can just wait for the circulated versions to end up to you through change.

However, if you do not want to wait, you can purchase them from the Royal Mint website.

There are both silver and gold versions of these coins.

New coins are often rarely produced; for instance, Peter Rabbit and Flopsy Bunny had a mere 1.4 million mintage.

Several other 50p coins had more mintage than these coins. Kew Garden had an even lesser mintage ( 210000) than Flopsy Bunny and Peter Rabbit.

According to the Royal Mint, there will be 10 million coins in circulation. But,10 million is high for the 50p coins that were recent.

Compared to Flopsy Bunny, Kew Gardens, and Peter Rabbit the Diversity Built Britain 50p is not that rare.

According to Mint the 10 million mintage of the coin was the choice to ensure that the coin is accessible to all people.

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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

I hope you already know what the Diversity Built Britain coin means.

However, if there are any further questions, you can read the following questions that I have answered –

(i) Is 50p With Diversity Built Britain Worth Anything?

Ans: Since there is a very minimum scarcity the coin is not as valuable as many would take it for.

At Change Checker the coin is priced at £4.50. But, on eBay, the price is around £2.55 and £15,000.

(ii) How Much Is Diversity Built Britain 2020 50p?

Ans: Since its first release, the coin was expected to launch 10 million in number.

As of 2020, 2 million coins are expected to enter circulation.

(iii) How Many Diversity Built Britain 50p Coins Are There?

Ans: Until now, the Diversity Built Britain coin has a 10,300,000 mintage.

The coin is not that rare, so you can expect it to end up in your pocket through everyday use of changes.

(iv) What Does The Diversity 50p Mean?

Ans: This coin is meant to represent and pay tribute to all the different ethnic communities in Britain.

The coin represents the contribution of people from minority communities from all walks of life.

(v) What Is The Rarest 50p Coin In The UK?

Ans: The rarest 50p coin in circulation is not the Diversity Built Britain coin.

Kew Gardens is the rarest 50p coin in the UK.

The coin only had a 210000 mintage.

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The diversity built Britain 50p is a unique coin with a considerable number of coins in circulation.

The unique design and the engraving of its name on the coin make it a unique one.

Many, who love to collect coins would love to keep one of these coins in their collection.

A tribute to the minority communities, this coin does not feature any minority figure.

However, the coins yet to enter the series as planned by The Royal Mintage may or may not have any picture engraving.

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