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William Shakespeare 2 Coin Worth – Does This Coin Worth Anything?

Are you curious to know the worth of a William Shakespeare 2 coin worth?

In order to pay tribute, celebrate, or commemorate the lives of several popular or noble personalities, the Royal Mint often produce some special coins.

The William Shakespeare 2 coin is among these coins that The Royal Mintage has released.

To pay tribute to the great English dramatist, William Shakespeare 2 coin was released into circulation on his 4ooth death anniversary.

Till now, you’ll find 3 different designs of the £2 coin.

The following article is all about telling you what the Wiliam Shakespeare 2 coin is worth.

The coin was designed in three different categories Tragedies, Comedies, and Histories.

What Does The William Shakespeare Coin 2 Look Like?

There are three different coins 2 in the series of William Shakespeare Coin 2.

The first one is the Comedies, the second one is the Tragedies and there is another version named the histories.

William Shakespeare Coin 2 Comedies

William Shakespeare Coin 2 Comedies

The William Shakespeare Coin 2 has comedy coins and the design is very unique.

There is a jester’s cane and a hat in the design of the coin.

The comedy is heavily inspired by the comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare.

The coin was designed by John Bergdahl; it has an inscription circling the reading – ALL THE WORLDS A STAGE.

There are two more coins in the William Shakespeare series.

The Royal Mint only minted this coin by 4,355,000 in number.

It is the least minted coin in the line of Shakespeare coin 2.

If you want to keep one of these coins then you can wait until one in the circulation ends up for you.

However, if you want to buy the uncirculated and new coin then you can buy one from eBay for a price of around £3.54.

William Shakespeare Coin 2 Histories

William Shakespeare Coin 2 Histories

The second coin in the series of William Shakespeare coins is the history coin.

This coin designed by John Bergdahl features a crown and a sword inspired by the great tragedy of Macbeth.

There is a quote by Shakespeare circling the coin’ that reads– THE HOLLOW CROWN.

The tragedies coin has a 5655000 mintage and it is the most minted coin when it comes to William Shakespeare coin 2.

With this number of mintages, we cannot call this coin a rare one.

The coin still has collectors craving it.

Since it commemorates the most famous tragedy by Shakespeare, this coin is a highly sought-after one.

Some listings claim to be selling error versions of the coin but most of them may rip you off with the regular version.

William Shakespeare Coin 2 Tragedies

William Shakespeare Coin 2 Tragedies

The only coin of the Shakespeare coin series that has a confirmed error is the tragedies coin.

This is the third coin in the series.

Like both of the coins before the tragedies, this coin, too, is designed by John Bergdahl.

The design of the coin Purposefully represents a sense of doomed romance.

For the design, the coin features a skull and a rose around it.

Many collectors will love the design of the tragedies coin.

Written around the milled edge is the inscription that reads – WHAT A PIECE OF WORK IS MAN.

This line is an excerpt from the famous tragedy Hamlet by Shakespeare.

When compared to the last two coins in terms of mintage, this one ranks in the middle.

The tragedies coin was minted by several 4,615,000.

This coin is not so rare compared to the others but the skull and rose design indeed take the attention of the collectors.

Collectors looking to buy this coin can buy it for £3.32 from eBay.

The tragedies are the only coin with an error.

The error is in the inscription.

The general coin is supposed to have WHAT A PIECE OF WORK IS MAN.

However, the inscription on some of the coins has the inscription– FOR THE KING AND THE COUNTRY.

This inscription was meant to be used for the First World War Army Coin 2.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Now that you know all about the William Shakespeare coin you may still have some questions and queries.

Here are some questions that I have answered.

(i) Is The William Shakespeare 2 Coin Worth Anything?

Ans: 2016 released Shakespeare coin 2 has a collector value of £3.79.

But the better the quality the more collector value one gets.

The William Shakespeare coin 2 is priced at around £3.59 and £4.02.

For better quality coins in circulation, you have to pay more price.

(ii) How Much Is A Shakespeare 2 Skull Coin Worth?

Ans: If you want excellent quality coins then you may download the coins from change checkers, these coins are priced at £12.99 for the uncirculated good quality ones.

For collectors, the uncirculated ones are the best.

(iii) What Is The Error On The William Shakespeare 2 Coin?

Ans: The wrong coin that reads For King & Country is the error in the line of William Shakespeare’s coins.

This phrase was supposed to be used on the First World War £2 coin issued by The Royal Mint in 2016.

Instead, it ended up on the William Shakespeare Coin.

That phrase was meant to commemorate the contribution of the army in World War II.

(iv) Is A William Shakespeare Skull 2 Coin Rare?

Ans: Yes, The William Shakespeare Skull 2 coins are rare.

The tragedies coins for William Shakespeare are pretty rare.

These coins also have some minting errors; the ones with the errors are even rarer and you can collect them and sell them for even a higher price.

Bottom Line

If you are a collector then you would love to have the William Shakespeare coin 2 in your collection.

However, this coin is not worth much except for the rare mintage ones.

If you want to collect the least available coin then you must collect the William Shakespeare comedies coin.

So, what do you think about these coins?

Is the William Shakespeare 2 coin worth collecting?

Also, if you have any further questions, you may ask them in the comments.

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