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Microsoft Word Tricks For Mac Users: Useful Tips and Techniques

Do you use Microsoft Word tricks for Mac?

You will need these tricks and tips to streamline your workflow and get things done quickly. Let’s go.

Use The Navigation Pane To Get Around The Document Quickly

Navigate lengthy documents rapidly by using the Navigation Pane.

You can find this by selecting View > Sidebar in the application menu.

Then, select the Navigation Pane item in the third set of items.

Alternatively, you can tap View in the document menu and choose the Navigation Pane.

You’ll see a document browser appearing to the left, offering thumbnails of your document pages, including the ones you are currently on.

Tap the page and go directly to it.

Let The Tell Me Function Guide You

There’s a Tell Me function that you can use to guide you around the Word document.

For example, if you do not know how to engage in a task within the app, you can tap Tell Me and start typing what you need.

You might need to change the query you are typing to get the answer you need, you will see your answer to the question, and these will appear in real time.

The Tell Me tool can make a huge difference in finding out how to get things done.

Recover Word Document

So you have forgotten to save the document and are now at a loss?

It might be that your computer accidentally shuts down while you are writing or editing a document.

Fortunately, there’s a way to recover Word documents on a Mac.

You can use Disk Drill to find unsaved Word documents.

The application’s primary focus is to search all the dark corners of the computer to find the lost file.

Correct Grammar and Spelling By Hovering Over The Word

The latest version of Word for Mac comes with many beautiful features, and one of the notable ones is spelling and grammar check.

Traditionally, you can access the spelling check through Tools > clicking Spelling and Grammar > Check Document.

Now, it has a new Editor interface, so the suggestions are shown in the right sidebar.

There’s no need to go to the editor any longer.

Instead, you can hover the mouse cursor over the word and get a spelling or grammar suggestion.

The option is turned on by default, but if it isn’t working, you can follow these instructions:

  • Open the Word document and click Word > Preferences.
  • Select the Spelling and Grammar icon.
  • Click to enable the Check Spelling As You Type option under Spelling.

The feature will work automatically, and you don’t have to waste your time clicking here and there.

Open Several Instances of The Same Document

You can use the Microsoft Word program to open and update the same document in parallel.

First, however, you have to open the paper and then click the Window > New Window menu to open several instances of the same document.

Now you have the duplicate of your current document, and you can continue to make edits or type your content on the new window.

To save and close the window, press the Command + s keys. You will find the updated content on your original document.

The trick is handy if you are working on multiple monitors.

Insert Stickers, Icons, etc.

You can use SmartArt to insert process diagrams in your Word document.

Also, you can insert royalty-free stock images, cutout people, icons, illustrations, and stickers to make your document much more enjoyable.

Go to the Insert menu > select the item you wish to insert on your document.

So if you want to insert pictures, go to Insert > choose Pictures > click Stock Images.

The images will open in the sidebar and showcase predefined categories.

Similarly, you can click Insert and then choose Icons or Illustrations.

Then, you can resize them without affecting the quality and drag them to suitably place them in the document.

Translate Using The in-built Translator

Did you know Microsoft Word comes with an in-built translator?

If you wish to translate the document or find the meaning of a word in a different language, you can use this function.

In the top bar, go to the Tools menu and choose the Translate option.

You can select to translate the entire document or only the chosen words. Then, the Translator sidebar will open, and you can select the language you want to translate to.

If you have selected to translate the entire document, the translated document will open in a new window.

Review the content and then save it as a Word document file on your computer.

The Bottom Line

Remember the tricks mentioned above to make the most of Microsoft Word on your Mac and get things done efficiently.

Thanks to these Microsoft Word Tricks for Mac tips, you can streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

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