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Counting Down The Most Interesting Insurance Policies in The World

The frontiers of insurance are constantly expanding. As industries related to business and entertainment (to name but two) evolve, so do the number of assets and activities worth insuring.

From individual policies to corporate concerns, the world of insurance policies diversifies each year.

Unsurprisingly, this has led to more than a few interesting plans. For example, many are well aware of the larger-than-life policies attached to famous celebrities and stars.

From Taylor Swift’s legs to Elton John’s pianos to Troy Polamalu’s hair, some groups will pay top dollar to defend their most important assets.

But beyond the realm of celebrity performers and athletes, what are the more memorable insurance policies out there? And are they actually popular for the average person to look into?

Blackjack Insurance

For those who didn’t know, many online casinos look to help protect players from losses. In some cases, they might offer blackjack insurance payout for those who enjoy playing 21.

This unique blackjack feature allows players to insure their bet if there’s a strong chance that the dealer will hit 21.

By surrendering half their bet, they can avoid losing it all in the event the dealer hits blackjack.

Because blackjack is a game of probabilities and has the lowest house edge, savvy players sometimes use insurance to help them manage their bankroll.

Officially speaking, however, this is a side bet feature and not a fully-fledged insurance policy.

Cold Feet

Many dreams of saying ‘I do’, but cold feet can get in the way of even the most romantic weddings.

In fact, the cold feet policy is one of the most common forms of wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance, by contrast, covers problems like inclement weather or moving for a job.

Cold feet aren’t traditionally covered with this type of insurance—which is where this policy comes in.

This means that the bride and groom are protected if one of them suddenly has a change of heart.

However, the decision to purchase this type of insurance might be a red flag—and an indicator that all may not be well in paradise.

Cold Feet Insurance

Finding The Loch Ness Monster

There’s no shortage of interest in finding the Loch Ness monster—but not everyone is enthused by the idea of finding this Scottish cryptid.

Back in the 1970s, one drinks manufacturer decided to offer a whopping one-million-pound reward for anyone who could find the Loch Ness monster.

But when reports began emerging that searchers might actually be on the trail of the creature, the manufacturer attempted to insure the contest.

Originally, the insurance company declined but received so much backlash that they then insured the search. Fortunately, the Loch Ness monster was never found.

Fantasy Sports

If you were shocked to hear that casinos offer an insurance side-bet for blackjack players, then you’ll be floored to hear that there are new policies geared toward fantasy sports players.

Insurance companies have started to realize that real-life injuries that bench star players don’t just affect the outcome of the team’s season—but also all types of fantasy sports contests.

Fantasy sports insurance policies protect ‘managers’ from this type of midseason disaster. Typically, the policy covers reimbursement for the entry fee should one of their players suffer a major injury.

UFOs & Ghosts

Let’s round off our list into the realm of the paranormal and otherworldly.

First up, while it might sound highly unlikely that an insurance company would offer a policy related to aliens, they exist.

In fact, there are multiple types of UFO-based insurance that the average person can seek out.

Most protect policyholders in the event of an untimely abduction, while others include policies that cover alien pregnancies or damage done to a home by a UFO.

Insurance policies covering ghosts also exist, though they’re not nearly as popular as UFO and alien coverage.

Typically, these policies cover areas that supposedly experience hauntings and tend to cover injuries and even death by ghostly interference.

However, it’s much more common to find insurance policies that are geared towards protecting the employees and liability of a recreational haunted house.

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