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Home Sweet Home Leads: Unleashing Call Tracking For Effective Sales

With the development of innovative technologies, call-tracking service provides businesses with ample opportunities for successful development and increased sales.

According to the State of the Connected Customer survey by Salesforce, approximately 59% of consumers prefer phone service.

The reason is the desire to quickly get detailed answers to questions about a product or service.

Thus, a conversation with an operator or consultant becomes the best option for instant customer satisfaction.

In this material, we will consider what is called tracking and what benefits it has. We’ll also talk about how to choose reliable call management software to boost your sales.

What Do You Need To Know About Call Tracking For Business?

Call tracking refers to software that helps assign separate numbers to different marketing channels.

Services capture all incoming calls, record conversations with the operator, save the necessary attributes of phone calls to the system, and much more.

This approach allows you to determine the most relevant sources of lead generation.

Call tracking collects and captures information about your potential customers and their movement through the sales funnel.

By observing the client’s path to the target action, you can improve the work of the sales department and increase the level of service for each subscriber.

Besides, call tracking metrics to help marketers develop the most effective strategies to promote your business.

RAIN Group research shows that 75% of potential customers call a company to buy a product or service immediately. And 64% of those surveyed prefer to talk to a salesperson on the phone because they have the money to buy.

By recording the conversations, you will understand the motives for the call and adjust the work of managers and salespeople following customers’ interests.

Call Tracking Advantages: 5 Key Business Opportunities

Number tracking apps have five important benefits that help you grow your business successfully. They also help strengthen your competitiveness in the market.

1. Automation

The software automatically monitors and records all calls received from potential customers. Thanks to this, you will be able to:

  • See the number of leads coming in from different advertising platforms.
  • Analyze the work of call center operators and take measures to eliminate problems.
  • Save time in processing each incoming call.

By automating routine processes, you will minimize the occurrence of errors associated with manual processing of information.  You will also improve the customer service algorithm to get effective sales.

2. Tracking metrics

The software contains tools for collecting customer data. Sales managers, guided by statistical indicators, can set up effective marketing strategies. As a rule, the software captures the following metrics:

Date and time of the call: This helps reveal the level of interest of the leads. For example, you can create charts showing the time lapse from the day the ad was published and the first customer calls. 

Duration and content of the conversation: The metric is necessary to evaluate the performance of operators.

It also helps to build conversation templates for new employees to improve sales effectiveness.  

Source: The parameter identifies the most effective advertising platforms to promote your products or services.

A number of calls: You will get an idea of the times and days when the lines are the busiest. Accordingly, you will be able to coordinate your employees’ work to minimize the number of missed calls.

Conversion rate: An indicator that will help you set up sales tracking.

It captures the number of target actions performed by customers. Thanks to it, you will understand how a potential customer moves through your sales funnel. 

You will also be able to identify weaknesses in the call center and level out problems in communication with customers. For example, Phonexa software offers a comprehensive set of features for data collection.

This solution greatly simplifies the work of your consultants, regardless of the purpose for which the consumer calls.

3. Staff Training

Apps for tracking sales calls are designed to record phone conversations with different categories of clients.

The data collected will serve as an excellent source for creating training materials.

You’ll be able to train newcomers faster and with higher quality, improve the performance of other operators, and simplify collaboration within the team.

All of this will positively impact customer service levels and increase their loyalty to your brand.

Moreover, the software allows managers to track conversations in real time.

They can always join the conversation and assist in resolving customer issues if the operator encounters difficulties.

4. Lead Generation

Thanks to services for recording incoming calls, you get a lot of useful information about potential customers.

For example, their contacts, name, location, gender, motives for contacting you, etc.

Thus, you improve your service and increase your customer base.

A call-tracking app with a lead management system helps you build a stable interaction with interested customers. You can monitor every stage of the work: from the very first call to a successful conversion. As a result, you get a comprehensive analysis of sales managers’ activities.

5. Integration

The ability of a digital solution to integrate easily with other systems determines its reliability.

The software must interact with your CRM to transfer data received in telephone mode to the overall customer base.

Also, tracking software can be synchronized with search engines, web analytics, Data Management Platforms, and other information processing tools.

Simplicity and ease of integration with third-party services are essential when choosing a digital product.

In addition, you need to pay attention to such criteria as functionality, cost, additional services from the vendor, and so on.

How To Choose The Best Call-Tracking Software? 

Consider the following factors when looking for the right app for your business:

Your own business goals: Outline for yourself the pool of tasks that the future software should solve.

This will help you narrow your search and choose the most suitable options.

Program features: Explore the options available to see how well this or that product fits your company.

If keeping track of sales calls is a priority for you, the key function of the app will be to work with a third-party CRM system.

Ease of use: The control panel of the software should be easy to use. This will make training personnel to use the new tool much easier and faster. 

Easy setup and scalability: By using a digital solution that is difficult to set up, you risk losing information or missing important calls.

If you’re looking to unleash the potential of your sales team by increasing your workload, pay attention to the scalability of the product you choose.

An app that seamlessly adapts to your needs makes your work much easier.

Pricing: Study the price list to understand how cost-effective it is for your company to invest in the selected software.

It is also essential to have demos or a trial period. With such services, you will test the product in practice and can make an informed decision.

Reviews and ratings: Visit specialized platforms with ratings to find out ratings from call-tracking company customers.

Be sure to check out reviews and recommendations from other users about the program you choose.

Based on these criteria, you can select the best call-tracking company which will provide a reliable solution for your business.

Does Your Business Need a Digital Call-Handling Solution?

Consider call tracking software if you want to improve your customer interactions and set up a seamless call center and sales team.

It plays a vital role in gathering information about potential customers and shaping your marketing strategy.

The choice of software depends on your goals, budget, and required functions. Remember, the best call tracking service is the one that will 100% cover your business needs.

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