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AI Applications in Horse Racing

Just because horse racing is a sport tied to history and tradition, it doesn’t mean that it is immune to AI innovations. The latest tech that changed the world we live in also has a deeper impact on the horse racing industry.

After all, horse racing is a sport that heavily relies on data, which means that horse racing and AI actually make a lot of sense.

Throughout the past couple of years, we’ve seen many new AI innovations in the horse racing industry, all designed to make the sport safer for both horses and jockeys and more entertaining.

Nowadays, there are sensors that measure a horse’s vital signs and run the data through a data-driven AI model that can analyze the percentage (risk) of an injury during a race.

This completely changes the game. If a horse is not feeling well, or there is a high risk of injury or even death, trainers would suggest skipping that race. This will minimize horse injuries and deaths in the sport and make it more ethical towards these animals.

But what other AI apps power the data-driven world of horse racing?

Let’s find out.

Can AI Predict a Horse Race?

Remember the days when predicting the outcome of a horse race was akin to reading tea leaves? 

Well, those days are being quickly outrun by the speed of digital transformation. 

The era of Computer-Assisted Wagering (CAW) was impressive, sure, but AI is like CAW on steroids, minus the side effects.

AI doesn’t just crunch numbers; it devours them, learning and adapting faster than a racehorse out of the gate​.

The biggest advantage of AI is its ability to analyze vast amounts of data quickly and therefore come up with the most likely outcome best on thousands of scenarios in the past. 

For us humans, we have to do a lot of research and analyze big data (which is impossible) in order to come up with an accurate prediction for a race.

We look at how-to’s and betting guides just to give us that advantage when choosing our race winner.

But all of these data analyses don’t come close to AI’s power when analyzing a horse race.

As of now, horse racing is a sport that is very hard to predict just because the outcome is affected by many different variables.

You can check the variables that exist when betting on a race like the Kentucky Derby here: twinspires.com/kentuckyderby/betting/ 

From weather conditions to the horse’s form, AI can come up with a prediction on which horse will win the race, but it’s not always right.

In fact, AI is far from predicting a horse race with 100% accuracy.

AI Revolution in Horse Racing

Diving deeper, the AI revolution in horse racing is championed by three technological stallions: Machine Learning (ML), Neural Networks, and Data Analytics. 

These aren’t just fancy buzzwords; they’re the backbone of AI’s predictive prowess. 

ML algorithms are so good at spotting patterns that they could probably predict what you had for breakfast (spoiler: it was oats, just like the racehorses). 

Neural Networks, on the other hand, mimic the human brain, but without the need for coffee breaks. 

And Data Analytics? It’s like having a crystal ball, but instead of vague predictions, you get real-time, data-driven insights​.

If we combine all of these new technologies, we have a sport where algorithms can analyze big data and add a human element making it the perfect combination for all kinds of stuff in the industry.

Benefits of AI To The Horse Racing Industry

As you’ve probably already guessed, there are many benefits to using AI in the world of horse racing. AI has transformed horse racing from a guessing game into science and data. 

Predictive analytics allows trainers to understand their horse’s performance potential with the precision of a Swiss watch.

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays turn spectators into informed participants, offering a window into the real-time stats that make betting less of a gamble and more of a strategic investment​.

And let’s not forget safety, because even though the sport is about speed and strategy, the well-being of the horses and jockeys is paramount.

AI’s ability to predict injuries before they happen is like having a guardian angel with a Ph.D. in data science. 

This technology is already here, but it’s still not perfect. It makes mistakes, but the more data we have from the horse racing industry, the more accurate predictions we’ll have. 

It’s changing the game, ensuring that the only risks taken are calculated ones​.

AI Companies That Are Changing the Game

EquinEdge, a platform described as the “world’s most powerful AI handicapping toolkit,” is leading the pack with metrics that sound more like superhero attributes: EE Win Percentage, Pace Metric, Genetic Strength Rating, and Strength of Race. 

With a success rate of 36% (which is impressive), which makes even the most skeptical take notice, EquinEdge is proving that AI in horse racing isn’t just a fleeting trend; it’s the future​.

Another AI model developed by Equibase and Pramana Labs is also changing the game. Equibase holds the biggest online horse racing data, and they partnered with Pramana Labs to use their natural language querying tool “SHIFT” to generate insights about horses, jockeys, and trainers.

We also have a lot of new start-ups that utilize AI technology to change the world of horse racing like the French company Arioneo.

This company came up with Equimetre, which is an AI-powered wearable specifically designed for horses.

This tool monitors their vital statistics like heart rate, temperature, speed, and acceleration and also tracks the recovery rate on horses after a race 

Final Words

Clearly, there is a lot of movement in the world of AI-powered horse racing. We have new innovations that are already embedded into the industry, and while they are not perfect at the moment, they promise a bright future for the sport.

Even though we are talking about a centuries-old sport with a lot of data, modern times require a different approach.

This means that even though AI and machine learning technologies have a lot of data to operate accurately, companies are still fine-tuning these models and we can only expect them to be better in the future.

One thing is for sure, AI won’t take the charm of horse racing or the excitement of the betting sector. It will just add value to the sport, make it safer for everyone involved, and more manageable. 

So, try to have an open mind about this technology in horse racing, we expect a lot of great things ahead.

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