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Dear Readers, Firstly, Welcome to Blogest & 2nd thank you so much for showing your desire to guest post (Write for us) on this website.

Let me tell you first, Blogest is a very interesting website for the reader, Because we believe in quality, not quantity.

If you’re looking to build backlinks and relations with other bloggers then you came to the right place.

Blogest will help you to grow your genuine audience, Backlinks, Authority (Google), SERP Ranking (SEO) & many more.

[Guest Posting GUIDELINES] [Updated 2023]

  • Your Content should be Plagiarism (Copyscape) & SEO Structured Articles, like – (H2, H3, and H4).
  • Make sure your content is SEO-friendly & informative, with no spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Your article should be 1000 – 3000 words.
  • We only accept Copyright-free Images (Freepik & Pixabay & Unsplash).
  • Your topic should be New & Market Trending.
  • We do not accept these links Affiliate links, Drug, Smoking, or Adult website links.
  • Send your article to us at the Contact Page or joinrichardsmith at gmail.com.

Top 8 Benefits of Guest Posting On Blogest

(i) We Help You Boost Your Domain Authority

Here, At Blogest, We value authenticity and uniqueness more than anything.

With our goal to provide our audience with unique information related to business and finance, we aim to boost your website’s domain authority.

We put our effort into helping small businesses achieve their goals through our regular content that educates, energizes, and inspires them.

We’d love to hear your side of the story; We care about our audience and we allow them to write for us.

By writing for us, bloggers and business enthusiasts can achieve quality backlinks that will surely boost their domain authority. 

(ii) Get A Massive Boost On Traffic

Our primary goal is to solve the problems our audience with small businesses may have.

We try to understand their pain point and deliver their ideas and information through SEO-friendly content.

Through our journey, we have gained the patronage of various rising entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts.

We are glad to say that we can drive consistent traffic thanks to the religious and supportive community we have been able to build.

A backlink from our website can surely help you boost traffic to your website.

We constantly update our web content with the latest business niche-related topics.

And not only that, we happily welcome you to share your expertise in the relevant niches.

We’ll be more than happy to offer you a chance.

(iii) Expand Your Network

Our platform is rich with thousands of global audiences who regularly view our content.

As a writer, you get ample opportunities to share your expertise in business, finance, and similar niches and get exposure from a brand-new set of global audiences.

On “Website” you are introduced to a new set of readers who are practically associated with the business and finance niche.

One of the many benefits of guest posting is to expand your network and extend your reach as a blogger/writer.

On Blogest you get the chance to use that opportunity to broaden your audience and expand your network.

(iv) Domain Appraisal

There are numerous benefits of posting on a high authority domain.

Following a guest posting site, you can expect your domain evaluation to grow.

Domain evaluation or appraisal helps you measure the worth of your site.

We, as a high authority website, intend to boost ourselves and all of our connections as well.

After guest posting on our site, you can expect the overall value of your domain to improve and expand.

(v) A Boost In The SERP With Higher Search Ranking

On “Blogest” we devoted ourselves to building this as a high-authority business/finance blog.

As you take part in our journey through guest posting you can expect a massive boost in your website’s ranking.

Our target is to solve the evergreen needs of the business entrepreneurs of the upcoming age; in doing so, we create content valued by both the audience and the search engine.

We don’t love to boast, but linking back to our high-ranking web pages will improve your search engine ranking in the long term.

So, if you have any guest post requirements please reach out to us through – “joinrichardsmith@gmail.com”.

(vi) Link Building

Our site will offer you only high-quality backlinks.

Link building is one of the keys to getting your website to rank higher in the SERP.

The Google Search engine recognizes links as a testimonial and decides your site’s ranking accordingly.

Our link-building service will help new audiences discover your site and help you boost your brand exposure and search engine ranking. As you can already guess, our website is rich with consistent traffic.

If you link back to our website it will help you boost your website traffic as well.

(vii) Social Media Exposure

We try to reach everywhere our audience is. We want to always keep a close relationship with our audience.

Not only do we post regularly on our blog, but we also share our latest updates on several social media pages.

We have more than 1 lakh+, serious followers, across different social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram.

Our followers are always active on our Facebook groups.

If you are availing guest posts from our site we can confirm your ample social media exposure.

(viii) Brand Awareness

We love to represent our website as a brand in the finance and business niche.

All of our efforts in creating high-quality business and finance-related content are for establishing ourselves as a brand.

As a blogger or writer or blogger, you have a huge opportunity to get exposure from our wide base audience and our huge social media following.

As an authority site in the finance niche, our website can help you increase your website’s brand value and raise brand awareness.

Guest Posts Guidelines To Write For Us Business & Finance Topics

Content Quality

We aim to build a genuine community and we need good quality articles for that.

As per our guest post guidelines, we prioritize the quality of your work first. We want your article to be–

  • Genuine 
  • Innovative
  • Understandable
  • readable
  • Informative
  • SEO friendly
  • User friendly
  • Authentic


The Google search engine does not approve of plagiarism, and we don’t as well.

We don’t accept plagiarized and copied content.

We don’t want any questions raised against the content that we publish.

Before we publish any guest posts we review them and see if there is any sign of copy of plagiarism.

So you need to make sure to provide us only the original and authentic content. You can follow the below criteria –

  • Authentic information
  • No misinformation 
  • We don’t accept even one percent of plagiarized content
  • You can provide the source material to maintain the legitimacy of your article.


Our website is related to the business and finance niche.

So, it would help if you submitted content related to the same niche.

You can go through our regular posts to gain an overview of the type of posts we share on our blog.

Here are some ideas as to what kind of article you can send us–

  • Business ideas
  • Business growth tips
  • Finance market
  • Stock market analysis 
  • Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Tax
  • Investment

(NB: we don’t accept articles related to tobacco, gambling, and adult sites)


The formatting of the articles you submit is very important to us.

We want your articles to be catchy, and attractive.

We encourage you to use headings, bullets, italic letters, bold letters, and the use of a clean and professional format. Here is what we seek–

  • Clean and bold sentences with precise meaning. 
  • Use bullets to simplify the different parts of your article.
  • Use bold letters to highlight part of your article.


You are allowed to use links but they should be coherent and from relevant websites.

We don’t accept promotional links on your guest posts. You can follow these criteria –

  • We don’t accept links related to adult sites, tobacco sites, and gambling sites. 
  • We accept links from only quality websites. 
  • You get do-follow links on the author bio if you submit an article with a 1000-word limit. 

Word Limit

You are asked to submit articles with a minimum of 1000 words.

A word limit below 1000 is not unacceptable.

We encourage you to exceed that limit since we always appreciate more information.

Paid Posts

If you want to publish sponsored posts then you can directly contact us through – “joinrichardsmith@gmail.com


Your guest post is incomplete without images.

We expect you to post at least 3 images of good quality. You can follow these guidelines-

  • Your images need to be below 100 KBS
  • They need to be free of any copyright 
  • You need to add a minimum of three images.

Removal Request

Once we publish your article on our website, we will claim full control over them and will not remove them on request.

Any request to remove your published guest post will be rejected.

Please contact us if you have any questions related to the matter.

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