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Who is Jonathan Galindo? Why He is So Popular on Social Media?

If you are familiar with the game of blue whale then the name of Jonathan Galindo must not be unfamiliar.

when the game blue whale was in trend then the name of Jonathan or cursed goofy was in the news. The name is not directly related to the blue whale but it is somewhat similar to the blue whale.

There was this challenge on Instagram by the name of Jonathan Galindo challenge.

This name has some dark background associated with it, in this blog, we will talk in detail about the infamous Jonathan Galido and will also cover the reason why he was so popular on social media.

Who is Jonathan Galindo?

Who is Jonathan Galindo

Jonathan Galindo, commonly known as Cursed Goofy, is a figure linked with the Blue Whale Challenge, notably its resurrection in 2020. He is shown as a man wearing a Goofy dog mask.

Typically, anonymous users will create profiles with the name Jonathan Galindo and various representations of Cursed Goofy, and then message users on social media platforms to ask them if they want to play a game.

The game in question is the Blue Whale Challenge, which is similar to the Momo Challenge.

The user will threaten to doxx them if they reject until they agree to join.

Although JG has established itself as a brand, nobody knows who is really behind the moniker and the disguise. Everything began on TikTok with the account @jonathangalindo54, which is thought to be the genuine Jonathan Galindo who writes to young people.

jonathan galindo tiktok

In 2019, he joined the video-sharing website, where he brought back the Blue Whale challenge.

However, Jonathan Galindo launched it, and TikTok became the core of his distribution to encourage kids to participate with him.

The challenge first started in 2016, but because of how hazardous it was, many forgot about it.

Several clone profiles that claimed to be Jonathan Galindo also arose on the platform when his narrative gained greater online popularity.

The risky Blue Whale fad first appeared on the Spanish-speaking internet, where it eventually caught the attention of English speakers.

Origin of Jonathan Galindo

The photos used as the profile photographs for these accounts were created by Dusky Sam, a cosplayer and mask designer Samuel Canini[1], and they at least date back to 2012 or 2013.

Although the identity of the original Jonathan Galindo is unclear, the account behind the most recent revival belongs to user jonathangalindo54 on TikTok[2], who created the profile in the fall of 2019. (shown below).

Since the creation of this profile, several clone accounts have sprung up on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and other platforms, contacting individuals and enticing or threatening them to take the Blue Whale Challenge.

Spread of Jonathan Galindo

Spread of Jonathan Galindo

One of the first people to write about Jonathan Galindo on Twitter[3] was its Voxsis on July 2nd, 2020.

Her tweet garnered almost 72,500 retweets, 54,300 likes, and 2,000 comments.

A video of a chat between one of these anonymous Twitter users and Lavenderxio was shared on July 3rd. The tweet garnered over 1,800 likes, 356 comments, and 334 retweets.

Redditor Thebigyoinker published a post titled “Jonathan Galindo, what we know so far” to the /r/SomeOrdinaryGmrs forum on July 6.

The article examines the Blue Whale Challenge’s resurgence and the anonymous users attempting to lure new players to the game.

274 people voted for the post, and 159 people commented.

Additionally, on July 6, Redditor LABoy12 posted a topic to Redditor thatcakester69 replied with the top answer.

YouTuber Terivent posted a video to their channel on July 7th in which they conversed with a Discord user. The video received approximately 200,000 views, 9,100 likes, and 2,700 comments.

Jonathan Galindo and Blue Whale Challenge, Why is Jonathan Galindo Famous?

A death organization first appeared on the Russian internet in the year 2026 with the flash game “Blue Whale,” which invites kids and teenagers to play but instructs them at the end to commit suicide.

Due to the challenge’s inherent risk, this created a commotion online, and everyone agreed to bury it.

As people began to forget about it, a comparable one appeared on TikTok and Twitter, and Jonathan Galindo revived it there.

On TikTok and Twitter in 2020, Jonathan Galindo is credited with bringing back the Blue Whale game.

Many accounts using his name send messages to kids offering them to buy the game.

The Blue Whale game consists of 50 stages, the last few of which are claimed to cause the kids to commit suicide. However, as there is no concrete proof available, this has remained only a legend.

Despite being unhealthy, the challenge has managed to gain traction online;

Nevertheless, TikTok has removed recordings from Jonathan Galindo’s initial account, which is thought to be his actual one.

The Reason Why Jonathan Galindo Wears A Dog Mask

Jonathan Galindo Dog Mask

As of right now, a spooky avatar has taken on the status of a brand for scary content online.

You may remember the horrifying tale of Momo, who is accused of sending murderous messages on WhatsApp. Momo’s likeness was taken from the Japanese artist Keisuke Also’s sculpture.

However, in the case of Jonathan Galindo, he toed the same line because Dusky Sam, a cosplayer and mask maker, created the picture.

The photo was made between 2012 and 2013, and it has since been associated with Jonathan Galindo. The image’s creator, Dusky Sam, responded to Jonathan Galindo’s Twitter activity.

He stated in his letter that “This Jonathan Galindo madness seems to be terrorizing a great many young impressionable people. The photos and videos are mine from 2012-2013. They were for my own weird amusement then, not for some modern-day thrillseeker looking to scare and bully people.”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the most popular questions that people often search for about Jonathan Galindo. 

Q1: Who is The Original Cursed Goofy? 

The original cursed goofy or Jonathan Galindo is a mask designer and cosplayer, whose name is Samuel Canine. On the internet, he goes by the moniker Dusky Sam. 

Q2: What Was Jonathan Galindo’s Internet Challenge To People? 

The challenge involves encouraging young people to be a part of a game that includes self-harm practices. This also reported some teen deaths.


So this was all about Jonathan Galindo and why is he infamous. If you get any text or request with any account with the name of Jonathan Galindo you should immediately report that account and block it immediately.

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