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What To Consider Before Getting a Motorcycle Title Loan

A motorcycle title loan is a type of secured loan in which your motorcycle acts as security. This kind of loan is categorized under what we call title loans.

Title loans are structured to provide immediate and easy loans for individuals who own assets such as motorcycles and cars.

The latest data suggests that over two million Americans use title loans yearly. Here is what to consider before getting a motorcycle title loan. 

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Interest Rate

The significance of interest rates cannot be overstated as they directly impact the total repayment amount.

Regrettably, some lending institutions view motorcycles as extravagant possessions and expect borrowers to tolerate elevated interest rates.

Selecting a lender who provides favorable motorcycle title loans at competitive rates is crucial.

Seek online third-party providers for motorcycle title loans to help you secure the best possible interest rates in the market.

These providers can assist in choosing the most suitable loan and rate according to your specific requirements.

Loan Tenure

The duration of your title loans for motorcycles primarily determines the Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) of your loan.

However, the principal and interest rate of the loan also plays a role in shaping your two-wheeler EMI.

A longer loan period would result in lower EMIs, but with a trade-off of higher interest rates.

Conversely, an increased EMI implies lesser interest payments.

Accordingly, it’s crucial to make a thoughtful decision on your loan duration when you’re considering a motorcycle loan.

Your lender’s website likely has an EMI calculator that you can use to determine your two-wheeler loan EMI.

By knowing your EMI amount upfront, you’ll effectively manage your finances, which will assist in regulating future expenses.

Fees and Charges

Investigate typical fees and charges, such as application and processing fees, fees for document preparation, penalties for late payment, and charges for credit insurance.

These additional costs can vary significantly from one lender to another.

Ensure these charges aren’t excessively high to avoid falling into a debt trap.

If you anticipate difficulties in meeting your repayment deadline, it’s crucial to inform your lender in advance.

With early notification, they may be able to work with you to find a solution, thus providing you with protection through a motorcycle title loan.

Credit Score 

When applying for a motorcycle loan, lenders or financial institutions will evaluate your credit score.

A higher score generally results in lower interest rates on your bike loan.

However, if your credit score is low, you may be subject to higher interest rates, which indicates a lower level of trustworthiness as a borrower.

A credit score of 750 or above is considered advantageous for a motorbike loan, facilitating the purchase through motorcycle financing.

A strong credit score could qualify you for additional benefits like cashback and reward points.

Interest rates on two-wheeler loans can differ amongst lenders, especially if your credit score isn’t strong.

It’s essential to compare all loan offers available to you. ​

The Highest Sum You Are Qualified To Take As a Loan

Different banks and lenders have specific criteria when it comes to providing loans.

The decision to approve motorcycle loans is primarily influenced by the motorcycle’s value and credit status.

It’s often advantageous to apply for a loan more than you need for the bike purchase, but always determine the financial resources you require based on your circumstances.

If the loan amount requested in your motorcycle loan application is excessively high, it increases the chances of the lender declining your request.


Motorcycle title loans provide a range of benefits that can be incredibly useful in financial distress situations.

Their ease of access and adaptability make them excellent for pressing financial difficulties.

Understand the possible negatives and confirm your capacity to fulfill the repayment obligations to truly gain from these advantages.

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