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VoiceGPT: Your Voice, Your Chat, Your Productivity Playground

Hey Android buddies! Ready to level up your chat game? Meet VoiceGPT – the ultimate chatbot sidekick that’s not only powerful but also loves going hands-free!

Imagine this: controlling ChatGPT with just your voice.

Yep, you heard it right!

Ask questions, and give commands, all without lifting a finger. 

And guess what?

You can do this wizardry on the fly, whether you’re chilling at home or rocking the busy streets.

Curious to dive in?

Let’s unravel the magic of VoiceGPT on your Android device.

VoiceGPT: What’s That?

Meet VoiceGPT – the superhero app that brings ChatGPT to life with just the power of your voice!

This multi-functional marvel can do it all: extract text, compose emails, and even whip up images thanks to its cool DALL-E integration.

Let’s zoom into the incredible features that make VoiceGPT.us a game-changer.

Picture this: you’re going about your day, and with a simple hotword like “Hey, Chat,” you summon VoiceGPT effortlessly.

It’s like having a personal assistant at your beck and call!

Want to take things up a notch?

You can switch from Google Assistant to VoiceGPT as your go-to voice wizard, though be warned – there might be a tad bit of lag in this magical transition.

Sure, the free version may throw a few ads your way but don’t be fooled by appearances.

This gem is user-friendly, making your daily tasks a breeze.

Dive into the sea of settings to customize VoiceGPT to your heart’s content, and the best part?

It speaks your language – literally!

With support for multiple languages, it’s a global companion.

Ready to join the voice revolution?

Grab the app, set up hotword activation, and let the magic begin.

The free version’s ads might be a small hiccup, but fear not – you can wave them goodbye with a monthly subscription for an ad-free journey.

Unlock The Power of Voice With VoiceGPT: A Step-by-Step Guide

Dive into the voice-powered wonderland of VoiceGPT, where chatting with ChatGPT is as easy as a casual conversation!

This cool app lets you boss around ChatGPT using just your voice, making things feel super natural and easy-breezy.

But wait, there’s more magic!

VoiceGPT has this awesome trick – it talks back to you!

Imagine hearing ChatGPT’s responses like it’s your new chat buddy.

It’s like having your own personal talking computer.

Now, how do you set up this voice extravaganza?

Easy peasy!

Check it out.

1. Login and Launch

  • Open the VoiceGPT app on your device.
  • Log in using your ChatGPT credentials.

2. Activate Voice Inputs

  • Click on the mic button in the bottom menu.
  • Grant the necessary permissions for voice inputs.

3. InstaBubble Magic

  • Tap the Home icon.
  • Enable “Show InstaBubble” for a handy floating icon.

4. Hey, Chat Activation

  • Activate the “Hey, Chat” hotword slider for quick summoning.

5. Speak Your Mind

  • With everything set up, speak your query into the app.
  • Watch your words come to life on the ChatGPT interface.

6. Auto Reactivate Mic

  • Toggle on “Auto Reactivate Microphone” for seamless interactions.

7. Talk-Back Brilliance

  • Marvel as the talk-back feature reads back ChatGPT’s responses.
  • Continue your conversation using the magic of voice inputs.

8. Default Assistant Delight

  • Explore using VoiceGPT as your default device assistant.
  • Navigate to Home > Settings > Set default Assistant to make the switch.

Congratulations! You’ve just unleashed the full potential of VoiceGPT for a conversational experience like never before.

Tap into VoiceGPT’s Prompt Playground: Unleash The Fun of Pre-Defined Prompts!

Get ready for the app’s thrill ride – it’s packing a complete treasure trove of ready-to-roll and personalized prompts, making sure you squeeze every drop of brilliance out of this AI marvel!

1. Launch the Journey

  • Tap the enticing three-line icon in the bottom panel.
  • Watch the Prompts and Categories page unfold like a map to Wonderland.

2. Fresh Prompt Makeover

  • Give your prompts a glow-up! Hit “Update Prompts” to revamp the entire prompt list.
  • Experience the thrill as the database gets refreshed, ready to dazzle.

3. Category Dive

  • Dive into the sea of categories by tapping your chosen one.
  • Craft your prompt masterpiece by typing it out or riding the waves with your device’s voice typing feature.

4. Execute the Grand Finale

  • It’s showtime! Hit “Execute Prompt” and brace yourself for ChatGPT’s brilliance.
  • Witness relevant responses unfold across diverse categories – coding, music, education, games, travel, email writing, and more!

Adventure awaits – your prompts, your playground!

Unlock The Full Potential of VoiceGPT: Beyond Voice Commands!

Guess what?

VoiceGPT is more than just a wizard with voice commands – it’s a whole bag of tricks!

Picture this: it can snatch text from pictures, play around with code snippets, and even whip up cool images using DALL-E 2.

Ready for the fun part?

Let’s dive into these cool features below!

(i) Exploring Non-Voice Integrations

VoiceGPT isn’t just a maestro of voice commands; it’s a versatile virtuoso with non-voice integrations that’ll blow your mind.

Dive into the wonders of text extraction from images, executing code snippets, and creating images with the magic of DALL-E 2.

Let’s delve into these incredible features!

(ii) Executing Code With RunGPT

Unleash the power of RunGPT by tapping the three-line icon in the bottom panel.

Navigate to Prompts and Categories > Coding to explore a coding wonderland.

Choose your coding adventure, fill in the details, or simply hit “Execute Prompt” – the chatbot will read back its coding symphony.

(iii) Generating AI Images with DALL-E 2

Summon the magic with the hamburger icon in the bottom menu.

Confirm your quest by tapping “I Understand” and be transported to the enchanting realm of DALL-E 2.

Describe your dream image with detailed prompts, and behold as DALL-E weaves AI-based wonders just for you.

(iv) Extracting Text from Images

Tap the image icon in the bottom menu to unveil VoiceGPT’s OCR feature.

Capture an image with your smartphone or choose one from the gallery.

Edit and resize with the built-in photo editor, making text extraction a breeze.

(v) Why It Matters

For the coding wizards and learners alike, RunGPT is your coding companion.

Generate random passwords or write scripts with a breeze.

For the creatives, DALL-E 2 crafts AI images based on your whims and fancies.

For the productivity champs, extract text effortlessly from business cards, posters, receipts, and more.

A time-saving marvel at your fingertips!

(vi) Bonus Tip

Explore OCR apps for your smartphone for even more text-extracting prowess.

VoiceGPT – where commands meet creativity, and your voice unleashes a world of possibilities!

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Final Talks

VoiceGPT is the cool app that turns your voice into a magic wand for ChatGPT!

Just talk, and boom!

Your tasks get a whole lot easier.

Need help drafting an email?

Writing code?

No sweat – VoiceGPT has your back!

But wait, there’s more.

Dive into the fun side with music, riddles, and games!

It’s not just an app; it’s your secret productivity weapon.

Give it a go – your workflow will thank you!

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