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Top 5 Sites To Buy SoundCloud Plays With Fast Delivery

Soundcloud is, without a doubt, one of the biggest music streaming platforms. With over 175 monthly users, it’s one of the biggest music platforms for artists to showcase their talents.

However, with over 200 million songs, it can be hard to get noticed on SoundCloud.

What do you do if you are struggling to establish yourself on SoundCloud? You should consider buying plays. This way, you will gain a footing in the industry and see organic growth in your account.

Benefits of Buying SoundCloud Plays

Should you buy SoundCloud plays? If this is your question, here are some great reasons to do so:

Get More Plays

Spotify users check out music that has a lot of play. They want to see what caused so many people to play the music. In the process, they also end up playing it.

Get a Social Proof

One of the things that people consider when searching for popular musicians is the number of plays. When you buy plays, you also appear more popular.

Get Recognition in the Industry

When your song has a lot of plays, it’s easy to get noticed by the media, recording studios, bloggers, and other industry players.

Best 5 Sites To Buy SoundCloud Plays

Wondering where to get quality Soundcloud plays? Here are the top five sites.


Scores 9.5/10

One of the most reputable sites for buying SoundCloud plays is SocialWick.

The site is known for its high-quality plays and fast delivery.

With an experience of over six years of promoting social media sites, they understand what is needed to grow SoundCloud accounts without having your account banned.

For instance, they deliver plays in a drip style over a couple of days.

The site also takes seriously the reputation of its client.

Therefore, they keep all customer data discreet and confidential so that nobody knows they bought plays from them. In case of a problem, they are always there to assist.

No wonder they have a long list of satisfied clients on review sites.


  • High-quality plays
  • Plays do not drop
  • A 60-day refill guarantee
  • Safe and secure site


  • No free trial period

The site makes it super easy to buy plays, as you do not need to enter your account password. While SocialWick lacks a free trial period, they compensate for this with very affordable prices. You can buy from 1000 plays at $0.04. All orders are delivered within 24 hours. To try out their services, you can visit their site.


Scores 9.3/10

Another site where you can buy plays from real people with active accounts is JayNike.

The site uses a network of social media users to deliver genuine plays that will kickstart your SoundCloud music career.

With the quality plays from the site, you can be assured of long-term organic growth of your account.  

 When you order on the site, they deliver fast but naturally. The site has a secure payment gateway that keeps your personal and financial information safe.

The plays from JayNike do not drop. However, the site still has a 60-day refill guarantee. While the plays are from international sources, you can choose the country where you need the plays to come from.


  • High-quality plays from real people
  • Good customer service
  • No password needed
  • Fast delivery of plays


  • No live chat feature

With packages costing as little as $1.95 for 1,000 plays, this is one of the most affordable sites in the industry. Therefore, JayNike is a great site to help bring your SoundCloud tracks to the limelight. By adding real value to your music, they will help you get recognized by recording studios, music labels, and more. You can try out their services at https://www.jaynike.com/buy-soundcloud-plays.


Scores 9/10

If you want your music to be discovered by a global audience, consider the high-quality plays from SubscriberZ.

The plays from the site are high-quality and safe, making them the perfect choice for adding credibility to your track.

Since the plays are from real people and adhere to SoundCloud guidelines, your account is safe from negative actions.

Despite the high-quality plays from the site, they have some of the most affordable prices.

You can buy 1000 plays for $2.99. This makes the site a great choice for budding musicians with a tight budget or established artists who need millions of plays without breaking the bank.


  • Good quality plays
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Discreet and confidential
  • Fast delivery of plays


  • The site isn’t user-friendly

The plays from SubscriberZ will make your music go viral as they promote it to the people who matter. Their plays do not drop even though they still offer a 60-day free refill.

Whether a music brand or an independent artist, you can benefit from their services. To try them out, you can visit https://www.subscriberz.com/buy-soundcloud-plays.


Scores 8.5/10

Another site that deserves mention when it comes to delivering plays is Growthoid.

This is because the site offers a comprehensive range of services for different social media sites.

The site is safe and secure to order from as it is secured using SSL technology. You do not need to enter a password to complete your transaction, ensuring your account remains secure.

While some sites have faster delivery rates, Growthhoid delivers plays considerably faster.

Therefore, you can be assured that you will begin to see results as soon as possible. Growthhoid has a wide range of packages to meet different artist’s needs.

The site prices are also reasonable, making it an option for artists trying to enhance their SoundCloud play.


  • Good customer service
  • User-friendly site


  • Plays by bots
  • This may cause your account to be banned

The plays from Growthoid may offer a temporary boost to your numbers. However, if you need sustained organic growth, consider another service, such as SocialwWick. 


Scores 8/10

SocialPros has a user-friendly site that attracts many customers. The site promises quality plays fast. On top of plays, they also have other services such as SoundCloud followers, likes, and comments.

You do not need to enter your sensitive information, such as passwords, to buy followers.

The site is also secure to order from; you do not have to fear your data falling into the wrong hands.

SocialPros has a wide range of packages to meet every user’s needs.

Besides, they offer a refill guarantee. Therefore, if you see a drop in the number of plays, SocialPros will refill them free.

The site has no live chat feature, but its customer service team responds considerably fast.


  • Easy to order from the site
  • Good customer service
  • Wide range of services


  • Plays drop after a while

SocialPros has mixed reviews online. Some users suggest that they only provide a refill guarantee because their plays drop. Therefore, you should be aware of this before ordering.

FAQs on The Best Sites To Buy SoundCloud Plays

Some of the questions that people often ask on buying SoundCloud plays are:

1. What is the best site to buy SoundCloud plays?

If you are searching for an excellent site to buy Soundcloud Plays, we recommend SocialWick. The site delivers high-quality plays from real people who will likely become followers.

2. Is it Okay to buy SoundCloud plays?

Yes. As long as you buy from the top sites such as JayNike that sell high-quality plays from real people. But if you buy from sites that sell bot followers, you will likely get banned.

3. How do I increase my SoundCloud play?

The easiest way is to buy from the top sites that market your tracks to people who love your music genre.

4. How do I get 1k Soundcloud plays?

You can easily attain 1k Soundcloud plays by simply buying from SubscribeZ.

Final Thoughts

SoundCloud has many features, making it the perfect place for artists to showcase their talents. But like in other platforms, the music industry can be competitive.

There are millions of artists out there, all of whom want to be heard.

If you are struggling to establish your footing, it makes sense to buy Soundcloud plays. However, you should only do so from the top reputed sites.

If you are wondering which sites these are, we recommend  SocialWick, JayNike, and SubscriberZ. With one of these sites, it’s possible to get high-quality plays from real people that will translate into likes and followers.

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