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The 3 Obvious Signs You Are Facing Discrimination At Work

Many people love their job but there is probably an equal number of people who don’t. Those that don’t may just think that it is normal to dread going to work. What they may not realize is that the reason they hate their job is that they are facing discrimination. Discrimination at work isn’t as obvious as people might assume since people are careful to not get themselves into trouble.

This means that before you contact a lawyer you need to understand if you are actually facing discrimination at work. Once you recognize the signs, you can then consult with a lawyer that can provide workplace discrimination advice. In this article, we will let you know the signs to watch out for to understand if you are being discriminated against.

1 – You are bullied

Bullies come in all kinds of aspects with some of them even bullying you at work. They can often try to make you miserable by doing things like belittling you in front of your coworkers.

This means that they will often denigrate the work that you do, your appearance, or anything that makes you different from the others in the office. This is done to make you feel impotent and not worthy of any rewards or even deserving of a positive workplace.

This type of bullying can make you miserable and powerless to do anything about it. This is the goal of the workplace bully so they can always make sure that they get what they want even at the expense of others.

2 – You’re paid less than your peers

There may come a day when you realize that people who were hired after you and do the same job are getting paid more than you are. This is going to be very disheartening because you will wonder if you were doing something that made you unworthy of being fairly compensated for your work.

If you are in a protected class and find out that you are making less then this is usually a sign that you are being underpaid due to you being a minority, disabled, LGBT, a woman, or a senior citizen among others. This is an illegal and very obvious form of discrimination.

3 – You’re always passed over

When you have been working at a company for a while, you should reasonably expect to get a raise or promotion in that time. However, you could be discriminated against and get passed over by peers that have worked for less time and have fewer accomplishments.

When this happens regularly, there is little chance that it is because you don’t work hard enough or deserve some reward for your time there. It is usually because somebody has decided that you won’t be rewarded for some arbitrary reason. 

They may not like that you belong to a protected class, or they could have some biases for other invalid reasons. It is especially obvious when you have always gotten stellar performance reviews but never seem to advance in the company.

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