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Tata Elxsi Wiki | Success Story | Everything You Need To Know About It

Tata Elxsi Wiki began its business on 5th May 1989 in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, and develops and promotes applications for software, electronics, and embedded systems.

The mission of this corporation was to foster innovation in the fast-emerging IT market to accelerate the adoption of leading technologies. 

So, let’s take a look at The Tata Elxsi wiki to understand more about the brand. 

What is Tata Elxsi?

Tata Elxsi is recognized as one of the premium engineering service providers of the world and is among the leaders in the media, communication, broadcast, and healthcare industries.

The company was formed to bring together the best user-centric design expertise with the best technology to help customers get innovative solutions and a better customer experience.

With the integration of design and tech teams, Tata Elxsi is here to help other brands reimagine their products and services from strategy building to designing, technology implementation, integration of departments, launch, and more. 

History of Tata Elxsi

Tata Elxsi was founded in 1989 as a joint venture between the Tata Group and the US-based Elxsi Corporation.

Initially, the company’s focus was on developing computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software.

However, in the early 1990s, Tata Elxsi shifted its focus to the emerging field of digital media, which was gaining popularity in the West.

Since then, the company has been at the forefront of the digital media and technology industry.

Products Tata Elxsi offers?

Tata Elxsi provides products and solutions in multiple sectors including artificial intelligence, automotive, broadcast and media, and healthcare. Here are some examples of company products: 

(i) Artificial Intelligence: 

  • AIDMS – driver intelligence services 
  • AIVA – video analytics solutions 
  • TESA – smart annotation platform 
  • SymanTEx – digital personal assistant service 

(ii) Broadcast and Media:

Services offered:

  • Services and solutions for consumer experience, distribution, and delivery that include ad monetization for New Media, and OTT service providers. 
  • Network transformations, network orchestrations, intelligent network operations, SDWAN, RDK, and SDN services for telecom brands. 


  • TePlay – A video experience platform 
  • QoEtient – A platform to help improve the life quality of experience of over-the-top providers 
  • ICX – A software solution for operational purposes and customer relationship management 
  • FalconEye – A testing and automating platform 

(iii) Automotive:

Services offered:

  • Engineering services for future connections, autonomous, shared, electric vehicles, automotive software engineering services, vehicle systems engineering services, system engineering, and HILS services for passenger and off-highway vehicles. 
  • Providing passenger experiences, rolling stock and system services, and digitization for the rail industry. 


  • Tether – an IoT (Internet of Things) platform 
  • RoboTaxi – taxi services that use autonomous vehicles 
  • eMobility HILS – a solution that offers validation for electric vehicles 
  • KOIOS – a platform for intelligent transportation systems application 
  • V2X – test solution for road safety 

(iv) Healthcare:

Services offered:

  • Providing technology, design, and regulatory services for medical devices, and pharmaceutical brands 
  • Offering ‘Scrum Dr’ an agile-based technical document remedy service


  • TEDREG – global regulatory intelligence platform 
  • TEngage – digital health platform for omnichannel care 
  • TEcare – digital therapeutics platform 

How Does Tata Elxsi work?

Tata Elxsi prides itself in basing its business culture on three pillars 

  • equal opportunity and diversity, 
  • meritocracy and collaboration, and 
  • continuous learning 

The brand commits to providing equal opportunity to its multi-generational global workforce irrespective of religion, race, sex, origin, nationality, color, status, or disability.

The brand works hard to integrate the Tata group’s founding values while working in and with the local community and following local laws and regulations. 

The Tata Elxsi group has an integrated workforce from over 20+ countries with over 26% of employees being women – the highest in the technology and engineering industry.

They have built and perfected processes and performance management systems that help reinforce the culture of meritocracy while rewarding performances. This helps them retain talent that is reflected in their retention rates – the best in the industry. 

Latest Projects

One of the latest projects that Tata Elxsi is working on is a collaboration with US firm AI for sensors for self-driving cars.

The sensors used will be on Tata Elxsi’s network. Considering the futuristic ideology that the company is following, there is still time for this project to take off.

But investors are pricing in on this optimistic ideology already. 

Tata Elxsi Awards and Recognition

Tata Elxsi’s success story is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

The company has received numerous awards and recognitions for its work in various industries.

In 2019, Tata Elxsi was ranked as the top design and technology services company in the Zinnov Zones report.

The report recognized the company’s leadership in areas such as automotive engineering, AI, and IoT.

In the same year, Tata Elxsi was also awarded the ‘Best Innovation in Automotive Software’ award at the Auto Tech Review Awards.

The company received the award for its advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) software, which helps improve vehicle safety and driver experience.

Tata Elxsi has also been recognized for its work in the broadcast industry.

In 2020, the company won the ‘Best Technology Innovation‘ award at the Indian Television Academy Awards.

The award was given for Tata Elxsi’s cloud-based playout solution, which enables broadcasters to manage and deliver content more efficiently.

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Conclusion: Tata Elxsi Wiki

If you are looking for a company that is more service-based than product-based and is concerned about the overall growth of your business and your employees equally, then Tata Elxsi Wiki is perfect for you. 

Tata Elxsi is a global design and technology services company that has established itself as a leader in various industries.

The company’s focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and expertise in emerging technologies has helped it stay ahead of the competition.

With a strong presence in India and a growing global footprint, Tata Elxsi is well-positioned to continue its success story in the years to come.

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