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Sucheta Dalal Biography, Husband, Education, Portfolio, Net Worth

Sucheta Dalal is the real hero of India.

We are all familiar with the securities Scam of 1992 and we also know all famous and infamous people linked with that scam.

Be it Harshad Mehta, his wife Jyoti Mehta, and many other stock brokers.

But Do You Know Who Exposed This Scam of Harshad Mehta?

She was a journalist named Sucheta Dalal.

If you don’t have any idea who she is then don’t worry because in this blog I will talk in detail about the famous journalist Sucheta Dala and will also give a glimpse of her childhood and personal life.

I will also talk about her contribution to exposing of scam of 1992.

Who is Sucheta Dalal?

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Sucheta Dalal is an Indian business journalist and author born in the year 1962.

She has been in the field of business journalism for over two decades.

She hails from Mumbai.

Her name was on every mouth after the scam of 1992 was exposed and she was the one who brought the Harshad Mehta scam into the limelight.

Sucheta Dalal’s Educational Background

She did her bachelor’s from Karnataka College, Dharwad.

She also has a degree in law, she completed her LL.b and LLM from a renowned university, the University of Bombay.

Sucheta Dalal’s Career

Sucheta Dalal's Career

Sucheta Dalal started her journalism career in the year 1984 and joined Fortune magazine which was an investigation magazine.

After that, she got a call from the famous newspaper, the Times of India, and then she joined the Times of India where she worked with business and economics, this wing investigates many prominent activists and journalists of India.

It was here she investigated the Bachan of Dalal Street, Harshad Mehta.

Sucheta also gained a lot of expertise while working with many prominent journalists of India like Grish Sant, Pradyumna Kaul, and Shantanu Dixit.

As of now, she is working with her husband, Debashis Basu in an investment magazine called Moneylife.

Sucheta Dalal’s Husband


She was married to Debashis Basu.

Her husband is also a writer.

Though the duo likes to keep their personal life very secretive and hardly opens up about their personal life in public or media, very little is known about them.

Accolades Won By Sucheta Dalal

In the realm of business journalism, she stands out as a prominent figure, earning recognition and accolades for her contributions.

Among her achievements, she has been honored with the Chameli Devi award by the media foundation and received Femina’s Woman of Substance award for her impactful work in journalism.

In 2006, she was bestowed with the prestigious Padma Shree by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, adding another notable accomplishment to her illustrious career.

Her contribution in exposing the scam of 1992 is pictured in the famous TV series, Scam 1992.

Sucheta Dalal’s Contribution To Exposing Scam 1992

As we all know she was the one who brought the scam of 1992 into the limelight.

But how did she do that?

Read further to know.

It was the year 1992 when the Bachan of Dalal Street, Harshad Mehta tripled his fame and money, it was how Sucheta’s suspicion rose on him, she believed that Harshd and his staff were involved in manipulating the price of the stocks.

Harshad had become the public favorite and on the other side, Sucheta was finding it difficult to write against this famous public figure.

She didn’t stop when she was criticized by others for writing against Harshad, all of her hard work finally made sense when the scam was completely exposed by her in the year 1998.

Source of Sucheta Dalal

To expose this scam Sucheta took assistance from three sources they were, Sharad Bilari, and Dalal Karamchand, who followed all the instructions given by Sucheta, and she also took assistance from the governor of RBI S. Venkataraman.

Books Authored By Sucheta Dalal

Sucheta apart from being a famous business journalist is also known as a prominent writer.

She has authored Two books:

1. A.D. Shroff: Titan of finance and free enterprise

2. The Scam: Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got Away

Suheta Dalal Moneylife

After seeing the poor financial literacy rate in India, Sucheta Dalal and her husband Debasis Basu decided to start a venture named Moneylife, a non-profit organization based in Mumbai.

Moneylife is a fortnightly magazine that imparts knowledge about investment.

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Sucheta Dalal Net Worth

Sucheta Dala’s net worth is approximately Rs. 50 Lakhs.

She does not earn anything from her venture Moneylife as it is a not-for-profit organization and the sole purpose of this organization is to give financial literacy to Indian people.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I believe after going through this article you get a deep understanding of the topic.

Now here are some commonly asked questions that you might also have in your head.

So, let’s explore them.

Q1. Who Was Sucheta Dalal’s Source?

To expose this scam Sucheta took assistance from three sources they were, Sharad Bilari, and Dalal Karamchand, who followed all the instructions given by Sucheta, and she also took assistance from the governor of RBI S. Venkataraman.

Q2. Who is Sucheta Dalal’s husband?

Debashis Basu is the husband of Sucheta Dalal.

Q3. Why Did Sucheta Dalal Get Padam Shree?

Sucheta Dalal got Padam Shree for her outstanding contribution to the field of journalism.

Q4. What is The Age of Sucheta Dalal?

As of 2024, Sucheta Dalal is 62 years old. She was born in the year 1962.

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This was all about Sucheta Dalal.

She is a prominent journalist and writer and as of now, she is working for the welfare of Indian citizens by working on Moneylife, whose goal is to provide financial literacy to Indian citizens. 

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