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The Steps Involved in Investigating a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are just as common as car accidents. For you to get financial compensation after a motorcycle accident, you must provide evidence proving the other party’s fault. The only way to gather enough evidence is to conduct a thorough investigation immediately after the accident.

But carrying out an effective investigation process is never an easy joke. You will require the help of forensic investigators who are qualified and experienced in collecting and evaluating evidence at accident scenes. All the investigations must be done as fast as possible while evidence is still available.

Below are Steps in Investigating a Motorcycle Accident

1. On-Scene Investigation

The speed at which on-scene investigations are done will go a long way in proving your claim for damages after a motorcycle accident. This is because on-scene investigations help in giving a holistic view of the accident as well as all possible causes of the crash. The motorcycle accident claim process should be backed by strong evidence that bears any fruit.

Although the police officer who responded first may have taken a report about the accident, your lawyer will need to carry out their own investigation as well. Most law firms have dedicated staff who can conduct thorough on-scene investigations.

2. Inspection of the Motorcycle and Other Vehicles Involved in the Crash

Other than combing the accident site, another thing an investigator will do is inspect your motorcycle and other vehicles that might have been involved in the crash. The damaged parts of every vehicle may offer clues to how the accident happened. The extent of damage can also help determine at what speed the vehicle or vehicles were traveling at the time of the accident.

3. Talking to Witnesses

Anybody who saw the accident happening is a potential witness. You need to take the names and contacts of anyone present at the scene of the accident. Witness testimony can offer strong evidence in your accident claim process. Witness accounts can even be more crucial, especially if the amount of documentary and physical evidence is limited.

4. Getting a Copy of the Police Report

There’s usually a police report for every road accident. This report is an important piece of evidence when it comes to proving your case in a court of law. The police report is basically the interpretation of the accident by an officer. It may not be used to prove liability in an insurance claim. Your lawyer will obtain the report in case you didn’t do so before contacting a motorcycle lawyer.

5. Video Footage of the Accident

Video footage of the motorcycle accident can help identify which party is at fault. In case the accident was captured by a security camera, traffic camera, cell phone, or dash cam, your lawyer will definitely want to get that footage and use it as part of the evidence.

6. Review of Medical and Employment Records

Last but not least, the investigation will look into the costs of your injuries. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will review your employment and medical records. They may also be required to get testimonies, police reports, and other pieces of evidence from doctors and other experts.

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