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Sports You Didn’t Know You Can Bet with Crypto

Cryptocurrency is becoming one of the most-used payment options for online betting. With these virtual assets, you enjoy anonymity, faster transactions, and safe payments. You can check out the best Bitcoin sports betting sites at https://cryptobetting.org/ to learn what cryptocurrencies they support before registering. 

You’re on the right page if you’re wondering about the sports you can wager on using digital money. Here, we shall cover the top sports whose markets you can bet with crypto currencies. We have also included a step-by-step guide on how to use these assets for online betting.

Sports You Can Bet On With Cryptocurrency

Below are the sports you probably didn’t know you could wager on using Bitcoin and other virtual assets:

1. Football

2. Horse Racing

3. MMA fights

4. Ice Hockey

5. Tennis

6. Baseball


As the most popular sport worldwide, football is at the top of our list. It’s the sport with the most markets in online sportsbooks. One of the most common markets is the outright winner, where you bet on which team will win a match or a tournament.

Another football market you can bet on with Bitcoin is “Both Teams to Score.” This means betting on both teams to score a goal and predicting the game’s winner. Other markets include Asian Handicap, over/under, Double Chance, and Draw No Bet.


Though less popular than football, basketball has a large fan base. As such, many online Bitcoin sportsbooks cover its events. The fast-paced nature of the sport makes it possible for sportsbooks to create many markets, especially when there’s a major tournament.

Moneyline is the most common bet on basketball using cryptocurrency. For this market, you need to pick the winner of the game. You can bet on the spread if you enjoy riskier stakes with higher potential payouts. Your payout depends on the odds.


Baseball is considered a sport for Americans, but it has many fans in several parts of the world. The sport has tons of events every year, thanks to the number of leagues that have sprung up over time. These leagues include Major League Baseball, Little League Baseball, the National League, and the American League.

Similar to other well-known sports, there are multiple markets for baseball. One of these is the runline, similar to the handicap markets for other sports.

Runline bets are based on a spread of 1.5 points. So, the favorite must cover the spread by 1.5 points for a bet on the favorite to win. On the other hand, the underdog must win the game outright or lose by less than 1.5 points for an underdog bet to win.

Horse Racing

If you enjoy watching horse races, then you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s a sport many betting sites cover. From the Cheltenham Festival to the Grand National, there are more than enough events you can wager on. Many sites also live stream these races, allowing punters to watch the horses they favored to win the race.

The most accessible market to bet on for horse racing is the win market, where you predict a horse to win. Another standard option is “Place bets.” In this case, you place stakes on a horse to come in first, second, third, or fourth, depending on the number of horses competing. There are also exotic bets that cover events related to the race’s outcome.

Mixed Martial Arts

The MMA has seen massive growth, with fights getting as much attention as major sports like basketball. Thanks to the sport’s format, punters can wager on many different outcomes simultaneously.

The sport is comparable to boxing but has a few additional elements, creating room for more betting options.

There are different MMA establishments that organize hundreds of events every year. Among these, the UFC is the most popular. Other organizations include Bellator, Fight Nights Global, and Absolute Championship Berkut.

For betting markets, you can wager on the fighter to win the match, the method of victory, and the winning round, among others.

Ice Hockey

With winter comes the ice hockey season, and betting on its games makes it even more entertaining. There are many ice hockey leagues you can bet on, including the National Hockey League, the Canadian Hockey League, and the American Hockey League.

Thanks to the number of hockey games that are held every season, sportsbooks have a plethora of ice hockey betting markets. You can bet on the money line, meaning you bet on who will win the game. Another common ice hockey market is the puck line, which works like the runline in baseball. If you’re not afraid to place riskier bets, you can place an accumulator, which is a combination of different bets.


Tennis is one of the most exciting sports to follow. It’s an action-packed sport, with tournaments like the French Open delivering even more thrilling action. During these grand tournaments, there are even more wagering options available on sportsbooks. Many sites also offer live streaming and markets for live betting.

For tennis, you can bet on the match winner and the winner of a set. You can also wager on the total number of games being more or less than a specific number.

How to Bet on These Sports with Crypto

Betting on these sports with cryptocurrency is easy. First, choose a Bitcoin online sportsbook with impressive offerings, then create an account. Next, fund your new account using one of the virtual currencies the betting site supports.

Many platforms have promotions that you can take advantage of after making a qualifying deposit. Afterward, head to the sports lobby, choose the sports you want, select your market, and place your bets. If your bets are successful, you get a payout.


We have provided you with the top sports you can bet with crypto currency. Now, all you have to do is find an excellent Bitcoin sports betting site with extensive coverage for these sports. Then, create an account, fund it, and place your wagers.

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