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Sonu Sharma Biography, Portfolio, Net worth, Age, Education

When we talk about young entrepreneurs and motivational speakers the name Sonu Sharma appears at the apex.

Sonu Sharma is a motivational speaker, life coach, successful entrepreneur, and YouTuber.

He is known for his achievement of success at a young age.

He is a mentor for many wantrepreneurs and also is looked at as an inspiration by the youth.

If you have little to no knowledge about Sonu Sharma then don’t worry because you have come to the right place. 

In this blog, I will be talking in Depth about who he is and will also give you insights into his family, career, net worth, and childhood life.

Who is Sonu Sharma?

Sonu Sharma is a famous name in many fields, he is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, life coach, network marketer, corporate trainer, YouTuber, and educator.

The individual is a Chartered Accountant (CA) with a strong background in accountancy.

He is not only qualified but also holds expertise in this field.

Additionally, he serves as the founder of the Dynamic India group, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

It’s noteworthy that he is also associated with Naswiz, an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company, indicating his involvement in diverse business ventures.

Beyond his professional achievements, he extends his influence globally by hosting seminars worldwide.

His popularity extends to social media, where he is recognized as a prominent figure, reflecting his impact in both professional and public spheres.

His favorite quote is: The poor people say I’d be happy than rich, and I said why not be both”.

Quick Information on Sonu Sharma

Real name  Sonu Sharma 
Date of birth  30 January 1981
Age  41 years 
Home town  Faridabad, Haryana 
Height  5’ 6”
Weight  76 Kgs
Educational qualification.  CA
Profession  Businessman, Youtuber, motivational speaker. 
Nationality  Indian 
Caste  Sharma 
Hair Color  Black 
Eye color  Black 
Marital status  Married 
Spouse  Swati Sharma 

Sonu Sharma’s Family

He resides in Faridabad with his family.

On 30 April 2006, Sonu Sharma married Swati Sharma who is from Bhuvneshwar.

He has two daughters.

Sonu Sharma’s Early Life

Sonu Sharma was born on 19th April 1995 in a middle-class family in Faridabad, Haryana.

He completed his schooling at Dayanand Public School, Faridabad.

Though he was very weak I studied his favorite subject accounting.

He completed his graduation from Harayana and then became a CA. 

As a kid, he was very weak in studies as a result of which he failed in 8th class, 11th class, and also in his first year of college.

Sonu Sharma’s Work Life

He belongs to a middle-class family and has even experienced poverty.

At a very young age, he started paying tuition to earn a little for his family.

He was very good at accounting and decided to become a CA but still, his family’s condition was very poor.

He then decided to change his career path and started practicing in the field of Network marketing.

As of today, he is very successful and thousands of people attend his seminars.

Sonu Sharma’s Career

When Sonu Sharma changed his career from CA to network marketing he initially earned Rs 26,103 and then he continued to progress in the fifth month he touched his all-time high of Rs 4,61,250 per month which means that he started gaining success in network marketing in just a matter of 16 days which is very difficult to do.

Soun Sharma became a crorepati in just 2 years of joining network marketing.

He also became the highest-earning person in Naswiz retails, an initiative founded by Sonu Sharma.

Naswiz Retails PVT LTD

Naswiz is an initiative that was founded by Sonu Sharma.

Here talented individuals from IT industries and direct selling come together in order to make a team.

Sonu Sharma is the highest earner of Naswiz.

This platform helps budding entrepreneurs and also helps corporates and government as well as semi-government clients in forming an effective selling strategy.

Sonu Sharma’s YouTube channel

Sonu Sharma also preaches his ideologies and gives free-of-cost knowledge about life and business on his famous YouTube channel.

His YouTube channel is seen as a guide by many budding entrepreneurs in India.

Sonu Sharma’s Net Worth

He is a big name in the business industry and he has a towering net worth of Rs. 200 crores according to some sources he is believed to earn an average of Rs. 1 crore per month.

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Book Authored by Sonu Sharma

He is also a well-known author, he has authored a famous book named Prerit Krne Ke Mission Par Agrasar.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I believe after going through this article you get a deep understanding of the topic.

Now here are some commonly asked questions that you might also have in your head.

So, let’s explore them.

1. What is The salary of Sonu Sharma?

Sonu Sharma earns Rs. 1 crore per month.

2. What is Sonu Sharma’s business?

He is the founder of Dynamic India Group.

3. What is The qualification of Sonu Sharma?

Sonu Sharma has the qualification of a CA.

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So this was all about Sonu Sharma. He is a true face of hard work and determination.

He pushed himself and became a self-made crorepati he also showed courage and transitioned his career from a CA to network marketing.

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