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Likenew.lululemon.com – Full Review | Is It Worth It?

Likenew.lululemon.com – Lululemon’s latest spring launch has made followers and nay-sayers fall in love with the brand.

One only has to look through Poshmark and their local Facebook Marketplace to see the demand for likenew.lululemon.com products.

But why?

For one, the merchandise is really of superior quality and long-lasting.

Secondly, you can help the environment and save some money with their latest trade-in and resale program.

Let’s take a look at Lululemon, the brand, and the latest likenew.lululemon.com products.

What is likenew.lululemon.com?

The new likenew.lululemon.com initiative started as a pilot program in some Lululemon stores in California and Texas last year.

Starting in May, Lululemon gear owners could trade their barely used clothing in any of the 80+ stores across Texas and California in exchange for a gift card.

In June, the online resale program was activated, with 100% of profits being reinvested into the brand’s new sustainability initiative.

The positive impact of the likenew.lululemon.com initiative was to improve the brand’s sustainability programs, including the circular product design concept, the renew and recycle program, store environmental programs, and amplifying the positive impact of the brand.

How Does The likenew.lululemon.com Program Work?

According to Lululemon’s senior VP, Maureen Erickson, “At Lululemon, we are proud to create a quality product built to last, and we believe it’s our responsibility as retailers to create solutions to keep those products in circulation for as long as possible.”

The company plans to invest 100% of the program’s profits (or 2% of likenew.lululemon.com revenue, whichever is higher) into the various initiatives to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint.

Erickson also commented,With the nationwide expansion of Lululemon Like New, we’re thrilled to expand the reach of our e-commerce program and make progress on the sustainability goals outlined in our Impact Agenda.”

Lululemon plans to create a ‘circular ecosystem’ by the year 2030.

What Does likenew.lululemon.com Commit?

The brand commitment includes offering customers the option of repairing or recycling all Lululemon products by the year 2025.

This means that they also commit to making all products from sustainable materials. Lululemon also announced its brand new styles made completely of recycled materials.

Lululemon also launched its brand-new running shoe collection last month.

With these they intend to create “end-of-use solutions” for products by recycling, upcycling, refurbishing, or eliminating all waste materials.

The new likenew.lululemon.com program has seen ‘incredible momentum and strong guest engagement’ according to Erickson.

Why is The likenew.lululemon.com Program Trending Right Now?

The likenew.lululemon.com program is currently trending because customers can now return/recycle their semi-used items and get a credit amount for them.

All you need to do is walk into any of the 80+ stores across California and Texas, submit the products – no receipts required – let an employee check the product – and get immediate credit.

Lululemon will then professionally clean the items and post them to likenew.lululemon.com, where they can be repurchased at discounted prices.

But, there is a fine print included for what Lululemon means as semi-used products.

They must be in good condition, and any items with rips, stains, or pills will not be accepted.

Also, you cannot trade the following – yoga props, accessories, intimates, swimsuits, self-care products, collaborations, and Ivivva.

Customers can either keep their unaccepted products or donate them to Lululemon’s recycling partner, Debrand, to let them be repurposed into items such as home insulation and mattresses.

But, what can you get in exchange?

Depending on the items you exchange you will receive the following store credit: 

  1. Shirts, skirts, tank tops, shorts – $5 per piece
  2. Hoodies, pants, sweaters, leggings, dresses, bags, and crops, – $10 per piece 
  3. Overwear – $25 per piece

Likenew.lululemon.com is music to all Lululemon fans because there are currently over 5,000 items available that were previously hard-to-get items and at cheaper rates.

Fans can now purchase items that were too costly initially.

What Does likenew.lululemon.com Offer?

Lululemon fans know that Likenew.lululemon.com is the brand’s effort to reduce overproduction, give customers a chance to get rid of their never worn items, and make space for the latest collections.

The Likenew.lululemon.com initiative offers multiple sizes and filter options (color, collections, etc) options for customers to find what they want as soon as possible.

They can choose between ‘gently used’ and ‘good as new products’ based on which the price can differentiate from $4 to $15.

Good as new products have no flaws listed, while Gently Used items will have specific issues mentioned such as faint discoloration or a small pinhole under the left arm.

Positives and Negative Feedback of likenew.lululemon.com 

From users and Lululemon fan reviews we know that all the items arrive in completely new likenew.lululemon.com boxes and are individually wrapped with the product name, color, size, and QR code.

All the products are cleaned and have no evidence of the previous wearer (lint, cat hair, stains, fades, etc). They also smell clean with the scent of new clothes.

Some of the negative feedback that customers provided was that the fleece items were wrinkled or crushed and that shipping was a bit high.

Also, lululemon and likenew.lululemon.com products could not be combined for buying and free shipping as they are sent from different locations.

Another major drawback that customers saw was that the gift card provided by the store post recycling of items could not be used in the likenew.lululemon.com products.

This stops the 360-degree sustainability campaign that the brand is planning.

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The latest likenew.lululemon.com campaign from Lululemon has been one of the most innovative and sustainable ideas in the market in recent years.

No longer do people have to keep old items at home, but they can recycle their old products so others can benefit from them.

Also, by reselling these products, Lululemon can further its plans to reach a complete ‘circular ecosystem’ by 2030.

If this campaign works, then Lululemon will become one of the major clothing brands to become self-sustainable in the world.

And that is something all Lululemon fans are looking forward to in the upcoming years!

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