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Josh King Madrid | Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Business

Josh King Madrid is a famous internet personality.

Recently, he has attained even more fame due to his excellent works in the field of podcasts, digital marketing, and as a writer as well.

The life of Josh King Madrid or JetSet is not hidden, but very less people know about his age, net worth, and business ventures.

If you are one of them then don’t worry, because in this blog we will talk about the life of Josh King Madrid AKA JetSet.

Who is Josh King Madrid AKA JetSet? 

Josh King Madrid, popularly known as JetSet, is an online celebrity, writer, podcast host, digital marketing professional, neuromarketing, NLP researcher, and author of The Art Of Frame Control and JETSET Life Hacks. Josh was born Josh Madrid on March 8, 1998.

He created the first Automated-Interactive DM chatbot marketing for Instagram utilizing Instagram DM automation, and he is also a co-founder of NFT Magazine.

  • Official Website – https://joshkingmadrid.com/
  • Instagram Account – https://www.instagram.com/jetset/?hl=en
  • Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jetsetfly/
  • Twitter – https://mobile.twitter.com/jetsetfiy

JetSet was born in Menifee, California, and now divides his time between Irvine, California, and Miami, Florida.

As the host of Josh King Madrid On The Dropout Degree Show, author of JETSET LIFE HACKS & The Art Of Frame Control, Millionaire Dropout artist, founder of NFTMagazine.com, neuromarketing, NLP coach, public speaker, actor, and serial entrepreneur, JetSet (Josh King Madrid) is a well-known name on the internet in the United States.

Josh Madrid, a UCI Millionaire Dropout, earned his first $1 million when he was 19 years old.

Since then, JetSet has sold more than $ and generated hundreds of thousands of leads.

Online sales of goods and services totaling $20 million will include $10 million from “Crypto Bros” operating in the NFT market in 2021–2022.

He writes for Rolling Stone, Forbes Council, Fast Company Executive Board, NFTMagazine.com, and Entrepreneur.com.

John King Madrid’s Age and Personal Life

Josh King Madrid, better known as JetSet, was born on March 8, 1998, in Orange, California.

JetSet was reared during the first few years of his childhood in Ohio, where his father established a $7M drop shipping health and home air ionizer business while attending Ohio State Medical School.

Years later, the dot-com boom burst, the online retailer went out of business, and he relocated to Whittier, California when his father secured employment at a neighborhood hospital.

While attending law school, his mother raised JetSet and his siblings as stay-at-home moms.


Josh King Madrid, better known by his stage as JetSet, attended Vista Murrieta High School during his first year of high school.

There, he participated in track and field competitions and played basketball.

He moved to Paloma Valley High School in Menifee during his sophomore year, continuing to participate in those sports there for the remainder of his high school career.

By his junior year, he had established himself as one of the best triple jumpers in the state of California.

Numerous prestigious universities sent invitations to JetSet to compete in track and field, but he chose to forego competing totally in favor of starting his first sales and marketing company.

Josh King Madrid’s Career and Net Worth

Madrid started the Dropout Degree podcast in 2017, where he interviews various company owners and entrepreneurs.

With his brother, TheBlondeJon, and Joey Sendz, Madrid co-founded the NFT Magazine in 2021, a news source for blockchain technology.

He writes often for the American magazine Entrepreneur and is a member of the Rolling Stones Culture Council, the Fast Company Executive Board, and the Forbes Business Council.

JetSet (Josh King Madrid), a millionaire dropout from UCI, earned his first $1 million when he was 19 years old. Since then, JetSet has generated hundreds of thousands of leads and made online sales totaling $20 million, $10 million of which were made as a “Crypto Bro” in the NFT market in 2021–2022.

Josh King Madrid’s Career As An Internet Personality

With almost a million combined followers, JetSet is a well-known online personality and bestselling author who was named one of the Top Influencive Business Influencers in 2017.

The creator of the millennial entrepreneur movement Team Jet Set is the Instagram influencer known as “JetSet.” On Instagram and TikTok, he goes by the names JetSet and JetSettin.

JetSet’s Career As An Author

JETSET LIFE HACKS – 33 Life Hacks Millionaires, Athletes, Celebrities, & Geniuses Have In Common, Josh King Madrid’s debut book, was released in August 2022.

In September 2022, he released his second book, The Art of Frame Control: How To Effortlessly Get People To Readily Agree With You & See The World Your Way.

Quotes By Josh King Madrid

Quotes by Josh King Madrid

Fun Facts About JetSet

  • The creator of NFTMagazine.com, Josh King Madrid, is the first marketer in the world to use automated Instagram DM chatbots.
  • Josh, 24, is now worth more than $20 million after being called a “dumb loser” and “most likely to end up homeless” at school.
  • JetSet, the creator of NFT Magazine, is one of the most creative, well-liked, and significant marketers and businesspeople in Gen Z.
  • JetSet now uses Instagram to make fun of his haters and critics… The now-24-year-old, also known as “JetSet,” has a net worth of over $20 million.
  • Viral podcaster JetSet, just 24 years old, is currently one of the highest-paid internet marketers in the world.
  • “JetSet,” a 24-year-old American online entrepreneur and celebrity, made his first million dollars at the age of 19 and has since amassed over $20 million.
  • One of the most current psychological texts for today’s age is The Art of Frame Control.
  • It’s authored by Josh, also known online as JetSet, who has amassed about a million followers overall.
  • Josh King Madrid, popularly known as JetSet, is an online businessman and expert in digital marketing. He was born on March 8, 1998.


So this was all you need to know about Josh King Madrid AKA JetSet.

His previous Instagram username was JetSetlife but later he changed it to JetSet.

He sure lives an interesting life, full of adventure, and has true wisdom for the young generation, he is a true inspiration to those who feel lost in life and want to gain financial freedom.

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