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How To Decide Which Roadside Assistance Program is The Best For You?

Every car owner tries to plan the trip to eliminate the possibility of problems. Despite this, unforeseen situations can still occur on the road, the solution of which requires outside help. This is confirmed by data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which indicate the frequency of emergencies. It is one case every 13 minutes.

In this case, towing, a winch, and other types of assistance may be in need. In addition, during trips, the fuel can unexpectedly run out or the battery discharges, and sometimes the car locks up altogether. The optimal solution for all these situations is roadside assistance from the insurance company. There are now dozens of such offers on the market, so the choice is usually difficult. Tips in the prepared material will help simplify the task.

What To Consider When Choosing a Roadside Service?

Most car owners immediately start studying roadside assistance coverage in the policies of various companies. After that, they compare the conditions and choose the best option. This solution is good, but it does not cover all important aspects. For example, by looking only at coverage information, you will miss an important detail regarding the number of cars.

Insurance companies offer several options, including an extended option for multiple vehicles. It can be State Farm roadside assistance or a service from another well-known insurance company. Usually, such offers are more profitable than issuing a separate policy for each car. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the following aspects:

Frequency and distance of trips: For example, if you often drive long distances, you should consider offers with favorable towing conditions.

Car condition: If your car has been in use for more than 5-10 years, complex solutions will come in handy. They include all possible types of assistance with minimal restrictions.

Additional conditions: In many policies, you can see information that is indicated in small print. It is in this part that sometimes you can find some important details. To avoid surprises, you need to immediately inquire about all the conditions under which road assistance is provided.

Another key factor is cost. Naturally, everyone wants to know how to save money on car insurance. However, the price should not be the main factor influencing the choice of a particular offer.

What Criteria Should Be Used To Select The Emergency Roadside Assistance Program?

Various companies offer this service. However, the most favorable conditions can be precisely in insurance organizations. They work on a professional basis and provide quality assistance based on a contract. All this is available to every driver who wants to provide himself with support in case of unforeseen situations.

However, there are so many offers that difficulties may arise in the process of choosing side road assistance. The main problem usually becomes the comparison of several profitable options. To choose the best of them, you need to perform an analysis based on several criteria.

Features of Towing

This is one of the services provided by roadside services. You can receive it when you or a specialist cannot fix the breakdowns on the way. In this case, a special vehicle is in need that can move the car to the point where the repair is to be carried out.

When choosing roadside assistance insurance, you should immediately inquire about the features of providing such assistance. After all, each company offers its conditions. The main one is distance. Policies specify towing for 10, 20, or some other number of miles. It is especially important to learn this aspect for drivers who often drive far from home/city.

Coverage By Region

In addition to towing, it is also necessary to study territorial coverage. This means that you need to find out in which regions car insurance with roadside assistance is valid. Each company offers different territorial coverage.

It can be only the USA or other neighboring countries. This aspect is important for drivers who travel a lot, including to Mexico and Canada. If the plan does not cover costs, if breakdowns occur in these areas, then the service will not bring any benefit.

Limitation on The Number of Service Calls

When considering USAA roadside assistance or the service of other insurance companies, you also need to pay attention to the limits on the number of evacuations and calls. Most organizations set clear limits because a certain amount of resources is allocated for this. The number of assistance cases usually varies from 3 to 5 per year.

Free roadside assistance is provided within the defined limits. If they are exceeded, the owner needs to pay extra. The amount is determined as the full value of the assistance provided. The type of services does not matter. In any case, you need to pay for help.

Service Price

The financial aspect is also important for every driver. That is why, when choosing a program, most are interested in how much roadside assistance costs. In each insurance company, the cost is calculated according to individual criteria. Methodology, features of coverage, list of services, and other factors are important.

Given these circumstances, you should not focus only on the lowest rates. To get the real benefit from the service, you need to take into account your needs and the specifics of your trips. Already based on this data, you can select a price offer.

The Possibility of Repairing Minor Damages on The Way

Another important criterion is the list of services provided as part of additional coverage. This is the basis from which you should start when choosing an offer. Finding out what roadside assistance cover is very simple. Detailed information about this can be found on the website of the insurance company or from the manager. You can contact him by phone or online via messengers/email. The best solution will be a consultation with the manager because in the process you can also learn additional details.

Availability of Services

When choosing car insurance with roadside assistance, you should also inquire about the calling procedure. This is an important criterion since help is often in need urgently and there is little time to wait. The standard method of calling is a call to the insurance company. The phone number for this is indicated directly in the contract or in a separate document.

In addition, some organizations offer special programs that can be installed on a smartphone. They open up additional possibilities and make the process of calling services more comfortable. The built-in GPS function on the smartphone provides this advantage.

The Possibility of Expanding The Coverage

If you are looking for an offer that would apply to the whole family, you need to clarify this information in advance with the consultant of the insurance company. After all, not all programs provide such an opportunity. Some organizations may also offer higher coverage limits and certain rate upgrades.

Availability of Reviews

Studying the reviews of real customers helps to find a lot of valuable information about specific offers. In particular, in such comments, it is possible to reveal flaws of a certain program that are not visible at first glance. In addition, real customers can always tell how the service works.


Choosing a roadside assistance program is a rather complicated process. After all, there are many offers on the market with different conditions. They differ in price, limits, list of services, and other criteria. To choose the best solution, you need to consider all these and additional aspects. Otherwise, the service will not guarantee the maximum benefit.

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