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How Many Jobs are Available in Public Utilities [Updated 2023]

Interested in the public utility job profile? Want to know how many jobs are available in public utilities? 

Public utilities are services to the public such as electricity, water, gas, and sewage. In most cases, they are monopolized by the government so there is a guarantee of good salaries and job security. But before we look at how many jobs are available in public utilities, let’s understand what public utility jobs are, the types, and how much you can make in this sector. 

What are Public Utility jobs?

The public utility sector provides essential services to households and businesses and includes a wide range of job profiles from engineers, to workers to customer service representatives. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 2.5 million people work in the public utility sector. This includes working in the production, transmission, and distribution of electric power, natural gas, sewage treatment, and water purification. 

With the increase in population, the expansion of cities, and the increase in the economy, many jobs are available in public utility sectors. 

How Many Jobs are Available in Public Utilities?

As previously stated, there are multiple variations of jobs available in the public utility sector. But, some fields may have a higher requirement than others. The number of jobs depends on the type of utility and the requirement in the specific state. 

Overall, based on the increase in population, economy, and rise in the number of cities, many jobs are available in public utilities. So, if you are interested in shifting to the public utility department, now would be a good time. 

In the USA, public utilities sectors are under governmental control to ensure that essentials such as electricity, water, and sewage are available to all. 

Electricity Public Utility Department:

At the beginning of 2023, more than 172,000 people worked in the US electricity power department. There are several types of electricity services such as: 

    • Underground utility location services 
    • Electrical services 
    • Rural utility services 
    • Electrical contractor services
    • Public electric utility services 

In total there are over 7.5 million jobs in the Energy sector by the end of 2023 in the USA. 

Natural Gas:

In recent data, the natural gas department supports more than 9.8 million jobs while the capricious oil and petrol gas department have more than 2.1 million jobs

Water and Waste Management:

Two of the main industries under water and waste management are water supply and sewage maintenance. The water and waste management sector works mainly for households, and businesses. The main aspect of this utility sector is to manage the whole water supply from providing clean water to cleaning sewage water. 

Public Service Sector:

There are multiple public sector services such as police, fire department, public schools, and more. The public sector department employs more than 20.2 million employees across the USA.  

3) What are the different types of Public Utilities?

There are multiple different public utility sectors, but the two main types are electricity and water. The electric sector is responsible for the generation and distribution of electricity, while the water utility sector is responsible for providing clean water and recycling sewage water. 

In case you are interested to know how many jobs are available in public utilities, then you need to understand that requirements are state-based. For example, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has over 8000 employees, while the New York City Department of Environmental Protection has over 4000 employees. 

But, with the shift in the economy, more than thousands of jobs are opening up for people in the public utility departments across the country. 

4) What is the salary for people working in the Public utility sector?

When planning for the many jobs available in public utilities, you need to understand what the salary range is for people working in the public utility sector. Salaries depend on the specific job position. For example, a public utility manager can earn $85,000 a year. Here is a list of some of the best-paying jobs in the public utility department, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Utility Jobs Salary Range(Year)
Water Resource Specialist $61,000 – $292,5000
Nuclear Criticality Safety $73,500 – $172,000
Nuclear Licensing Engineer $44,500 – $145,500
Utility Manager $62,500 – $142,000
Power Plant Engineer $96,500 – $136,500
Power Engineer $$87,500 – 135,500
Power System Dispatcher $48,500 to $125,000
Radiation Engineer $73,000 – $123,000
Gas Controller $62,500 – $120,000
Substation Engineer $92,000 – $120,000
Power System Engineer $81,500 – $115,500
Power Transmission Engineer $70,000 – $115,500
Transmission Engineer $81,000 – $112,000
Water Resource Engineer $75,000 – $106,500
Transmission Line Engineer $79,500 – $104,500
Power Distribution Engineer $79,500 – $101,500
Pipeline Controller $79,500 – $100,000
Substation Operator $33,000 – $99,000
Journeyman Lineman $71,000 – $95,500
Radiation Safety Officer $58,000 – $95,000
Water Superintendent $55,000 – $94,500
Energy Efficiency Engineer $67,500 – $90,000
Power Line $59,000 – $88,000
Wind Turbine Engineer $37,000 – $87,000
Utility Engineer $46,000 – $85,500


If you are looking into how many jobs are available in public utilities, then you need to find the right department. Based on your skills, education, and qualification, you can choose between high-paying jobs like Engineers, superintendents, controllers, and specialists. Or you could choose jobs such as workers, and customer support. Depending on your qualifications you can apply for the right job in the right department. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

i) Is getting a job in the public utility department a stable career path?

Yes as they are mostly controlled by the government, so employees get a good salary with job security. This sector is also less affected by economic ups and downs. So, if you are looking for a job with good benefits and security, then a public utility job may be right for you. 

ii) Is the public utility department government-owned or private-owned?

In the USA, all public utility departments are owned and operated by the state governments. So, most jobs are considered to be government offices. 

iii) How many public utilities are there in the USA?

In the USA, there are more than 3000 public utility departments. They provide water, gas, electricity, safety, and education to the people of the states. Each state has its own rules and regulations for this sector and varies from state to state.

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