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How AI Can Affect Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Curious about how AI can affect your digital marketing campaigns?

You’re in the right place.

AI mechanisms such as virtual assistants and chatbots are gradually changing the digital marketing landscape.

While some markets comment that robots cannot replace human emotions, others are trying to upgrade with the latest AI trends to adjust themselves to the changes.

Also, 61% of marketers comment that AI is essential for data strategy and marketing strategy.  

AI helps brands make decisions and implement the latest innovative and highly targeted ads.

But it does more than that.

Let’s take a look at How AI Can Affect Your Digital Marketing Campaigns.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a broader field of computer science that is concerned with creating machines that are intelligent enough to do activities that require human knowledge and intelligence.

In the most basic form, AI is a field that combines computer science and databases to solve issues.

It includes the subsections of machine learning and deep learning that are referenced commonly for AI.

AI algorithms are used to help develop expert systems that make classifications based on the input data.

So, how AI can affect your digital marketing campaigns? 

How AI Can Affect Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Marketing Services

Trend #1 Rise of Voice Search

With the shift of the world to mobile phones, it is no real surprise that people are also shifting to voice searches.

Technology has advanced to such a stage that algorithms can now recognize human speech with over 95% accuracy.

And it is only getting better. 

When wondering how AI can affect your digital marketing campaigns, remember that more than 33.2 million consumers in the USA are utilizing voice search features when shopping in 2024.

In today’s day and age of bloggers and selfie-takers, people talking to their phones is no longer a surprise. 

With the rise in popularity of voice search, it is time for brands to adjust their marketing strategies and up their SEO game. 

Trend #2 Increase in AR and VR Applications

AR and VR applications have been around for a long time but are still looked at through rose-tinted glasses.

Although with games like Pokemon GO and Beat Saber, AR became famous, it is now slowly moving into the marketing sphere.

More and more brands are recognizing the importance of AR and VR as part of their marketing strategy. 

One of the best examples is IKEA’s place app.

You can now add a piece of furniture to your house and see how it looks before you buy it.

Fashion brands like Ralph Lauren and GOAT are embarking on their VR journeys too.

They have created apps that allow their potential customers to try different clothing combinations virtually before they buy them.

If you are planning to integrate VR and AR into your marketing strategies, then now would be a great time to start. 

Trend #3 Increase in Popularity of Chatbot Marketing

If you look at any tutorials on how AI can affect your digital marketing campaigns – then you know that Chatbots have been the go-to for all marketers.

Chatbots help make marketing easy and manageable, which is why their popularity has been on the rise.

This AI automation is ideal for handling initial conversations with potential customers, such as collecting details for sales calls, responding to customer queries, and giving information about common technical problems.

Chatbots help automate communication with customers to a specified stage after which they are directed to a real person. 

Chatbots help automate a massive aspect of the marketing process which means that you and your team can handle other more important tasks. 

The best example is Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

They even allow businesses to provide in-app shopping experiences.

You can set it up so that customers can directly browse and make purchases directly within the chatbot itself.

Trend #4 Completely Personalized Advertising

A few years ago Facebook launched the Rosetta project.

This used AI and machine learning to recognize texts in images and videos to enhance the quality of content that Facebook suggests to its users.

Rosetta uses AI to boost a user’s experience by looking at what people want and optimizing its interaction with the platform.

Fundamental shifts are now taking place in the traditional marketing sphere as advertising is now becoming highly personalized.

This helps increase engagement, improve customer loyalty, and build solid conversions.

With the amount of user data available online – from habits to engagement on social media platforms, to transactional history – the stage is being set for efficient personalization of ads. 

But companies need to do more than just collect this information.

They need to process the data and create value-oriented campaigns that connect directly with the users’ pain points.

While it is not easy to do so, companies are trying and reaping the benefits. 

Trend #5 – Optimizing Email Marketing

AI is making email marketing more effective in 2 ways – increasing revenue and reducing costs.

AI-powered email marketing platforms help increase the open and click rates to make your campaigns an overall success.

The same tools also make it easier to build campaigns from scratch which reduces the time required for this marketing activity.

Ultimately it helps fulfill every marketer’s dream – increase revenue and decrease costs. 

AI helps make email marketing more effective by personalizing email content per different individuals, restructuring email campaigns based on historical data, optimizing send times for maximum engagement, and cleaning up contacts to improve email marketing list health.

With AI marketing you can create optimized email marketing campaigns that include segments like writing personalized emails, improving newsletter deliverability, and optimizing email outreach efforts.

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Bottom Line

When asking the question – of how AI can affect your digital marketing campaigns – one can hardly deny the influence it has on our everyday lives.

With newer technologies becoming available easily, and constant upgrades, marketing agencies can use them to improve their own and their customer’s strategies. 

These can include:

  • Automating processes such as scheduling social media posts, email marketing, and appointments 
  • Collecting customer data to identify their behavioral patterns and forecast their future moves based on present actions 
  • Use sentiment analysis to track brand images online and interpret user requirements 
  • Examine big data to identify the latest trends and patterns to streamline marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Perform detailed website analysis via heat maps and identify any blocking factors to enhance user experience. 

Because of these reasons, the way a brand conducts its digital marketing is constantly changing.

So, if you want to move forward in this digital revolution you need to consider AI’s contributions to the industry.

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