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Debashis Basu Biography (Sucheta Dalal Husband) Portfolio, Net worth in 2023

The securities scam of 1992 also known as the Harshad Mehta scam 1992 brought many faces into the limelight. One of those faces was the popular Indian business journalist Sucheta Dalal. We know many things about her, her name in everyone’s mouth when the scam of 1992 was exposed, after all, she was the one who put this scam into the public. We all are very familiar with the work of Sucheta Dalal, but a few of us know about her husband, Debashis Basu. He also assisted Sucheta Dalal in exposing the scam of 1992.

If you are oblivious to who is Debashis Basu then don’t worry because in this blog I will talk in detail about Debashis Basu.

Who is Debashis Basu?

Sucheta Dalal's Husband
Sucheta Dalal’s Husband

Debashis Basu is popularly known as the husband of Sucheta Dalal. He is a popular journalist, a renowned author, and a chartered accountant. He is famous for assisting his wife Sucheta Dalal in exposing the scam of 1992.

Physical Appearance

Eye color Black 
Hair color Salt and pepper 
Height  Aproxx 5’10”
Weight  Not known. 

The Early Life of Debashis Basu

Debashis Basu was born on 1 august 1960 in Kolkata. He is 39 years old as of 2023.

No information is available about how his childhood was.

Education Background of Debashis Basu

Debashis Basu went to Dumdum airport high school for his primary education, and after that, he went to Goenka college of commerce and business administration for pursuing a bachelor of commerce.

He then became a Chartered accountant in the year 1982.

Family of Debashis Basu

After becoming a chartered accountant Debashis Basu married Sucheta Dalal. Together the duo started a magazine called Moneylife. No information is available about the parents of Debashis Basu.

Debashis Basu’s Career

Initially, Debashis Basu started his career as a chartered accountant and now is the co-founder of Moneylife he also worked with many business newspaper companies and also assisted his wife in exposing the scam of 1992.

here is the career journey of Debashis Basu.

Debashis Basu’s Career as a Journalist

After completing his Charter accountancy in the year 1982 he worked with many renowned business newspapers between 1984-1992 like financial express, business world, business India and business today. 

He was then appointed as a columnist for the economic times. 

As of 2023, he is a writer of the magazine Moneylife which is published on alternate Mondays.

Debashis Basu’s Career as an Eminent Writer

Apart from having an eminent career in journalism Debashis Basu also is an amazing writer. The couple pen down a book ‘The scam of 1992: who won, who lost, who got away after the scam of 1992 came into the limelight. The book instantly became a best seller and was reprinted in the year 2001 and the scam of 2001 by Ketan Parekh was added to it, and the book was retitled ‘From Harshad Mehta to Ketan Parekh’.

Debashis Basu is also the Author of several other renowned books namely: 

  • Face value: creation and destruction of shareholder value in India.
  • Growth alchemy: Why smaller firms fail to find finance.
  • Pathbreakers 1&2 
  • The plain truth series on stocks, mutual funds, and investment.

Debashis Basu’s Magazine Moneylife

In the year 2006, Debashis Basu launched a finance magazine named Moneylife. He acts as an editor and publisher of the magazine. 

The sole purpose of this magazine is to provide an unfiltered and unbiased analysis of the stock market and to educate about financial planning and management.

In the year 2020 the magazine was delivered online on weekly basis. The magazine covers a whole range of information about investing and money management. The in-depth researched articles on gold, mutual funds, insurance, smart borrowing, etc were covered in that magazine.

Debashis Basu also set up the Moneylife foundation in the year 2010, it is a non-profit foundation that spread financial awareness among Indians. It has conducted 385 seminars many conferences in order to educate the youth about the benefits of investment in the stock market and also provide information about other financial institutions.

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Allocates won by Debashis Basu

Debashis Basu was honored with the Shriram Sanlam award of excellence in financial journalism for his columns on business standards.

Moneylife Controversy

In July 2015, an inside source informed Moneylife about NSE and said that some brokers are given access to high-frequency trading facilities which gives them a split second advantage over normal traders.

NSE filed a defamation complaint against Moneylife of Rs. 100 crores. However, in the year 2017, the NSE withdrew the case and the high court of Bombay ordered the NSE to pay a sum of Rs. 1.5 lakh to both Debashis Basu and Sucheta Dalal and also ordered top donate rs. 47 lakhs to a charitable trust. 

Debashis Basu’s Net Worth

The monthly income of Debashis Basu is expected to be 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs and his net worth is around $1 million.

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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions about Debashis Basu

Here are some most googled questions about Debashis Basu. 

Who is Sucheta Dala’s husband?

Debashis Basu is the husband of Sucheta Dalal.

Who is the owner of Moneylife?

Debashis Basu is the owner of Moneylife.

What does Debashis Basu do?

Debashis Basu is an Indian business journalist, author, and chartered accountant.

Parting Words

So this was all about Debashis Basu. He came into the limelight after the scam of 1992 was exposed. He along with his spouse Sucheta Dalal are the renowned personalities of India.

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