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Building a Profitable Business Teaching English Online 

English language education is in high demand worldwide because of its crucial role in global communication and opportunities. To meet this demand, online learning platforms have emerged as convenient and accessible alternatives to traditional language schools.

These online platforms offer flexibility, personalized instruction, and many different, qualified teachers from around the world.

The combination of growing demand and the convenience of online learning has created a thriving market for online English teaching businesses, presenting entrepreneurs and educators with profitable opportunities to provide quality language education online.

Identify Your Target Market

The first step in building a profitable business, no matter which subject or niche is to identify your target market.

In terms of teaching English online, non-native English speakers, professionals, and students are just a few examples of potential target markets.

By narrowing down your focus to specific demographics, you can tailor your teaching approach, content, and services to meet their unique needs and preferences.

This specialization allows you to position yourself as an expert in serving that particular audience, building trust and credibility. This will lead to higher student satisfaction and a higher chance of business success.

Establish Your Experience

The success of any business depends on the added value you can provide to your customers, whether that be goods or services. With teaching English online, that added value is directly related to your knowledge and experience with the English language.

Build a strong resume that displays your education and experience with teaching English so prospective students (and their parents) know you are up for the task.

Obtaining relevant certifications and qualifications demonstrate your expertise and validates your teaching abilities. Teaching and/or English degrees look great here, but having a college degree is not always a prerequisite.

For example, you could also opt for a TEFL certification.

Pro tip: did you know you could also move abroad to teach English? And that experience like that looks great on resumes? For example, Japan has an excellent Exchange and Teaching Programme for university graduates to become assistant language teachers.

Want to know more? Check out this blog post.

Find An Online Platform To Offer Your Services

Online teaching relies on online platforms, and which platform you choose will very much determine what kind of clients you’ll get and how you can grow your own business further.

Popular online platforms for teaching English, such as VIPKid, iTalki, and Verbling, offer a convenient and accessible way for teachers to connect with students worldwide.

When choosing a platform, it’s important to consider factors like student demographics, payment structures, and scheduling flexibility.

In return for offering clients and services, these platforms often take a small to medium fee.

You can also choose not to use a platform and go freelance.

With freelancing, you are responsible for finding your own clients. In return, you’ll get a lot more freedom in payment structures and scheduling. You also get 100% of the income since you don’t have to pay a fee to any platform.

Create Lesson Plans

Now that you’ve found your preferred platform, it is time to get down to business and create lesson plans.

Well-structured and engaging lesson plans are crucial in online English teaching as they foster effective learning experiences and keep students motivated.

By tailoring lesson plans to individual student’s needs and learning styles, teachers can create personalized experiences that address specific language goals and challenges.

Examples of strategies you could use while creating lesson plans are pre-assessments, interactive activities like role-playing, incorporating multimedia resources, and games.

By implementing these strategies, online English teachers can teach in an engaging, effective, and student-centered way that maximizes learning outcomes and happy students (and parents).

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

You’re all set now, except one thing is still missing: clients. If you signed up with an online platform, this step might be less crucial, but if you decided to try on your own, marketing is one, if not the, most important step in building a profitable business.

For your business to be successful, people need to know it’s out there. Basic marketing uses various marketing channels, such as social media platforms, online forums, and targeted advertising, to connect with potential students.

Engage in conversations, share valuable content, and establish yourself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy teacher. By the way, did you know that video marketing can have a huge impact on your business?

If you go freelance, creating a professional website or blog is essential for providing detailed information about your teaching services, qualifications, and teaching approach.

Your website serves as a hub where potential students can learn more about you and your offerings.

Also crucial are testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals.

Go For It

Now there is only one thing left to do: just go for it. No successful business was ever built by only preparing and watching from the sideline. You have to actually get out there and try it.

Yes, something will probably go wrong. But it is only a mistake if you refuse to learn from it. Continuous learning and professional development are crucial for both an online English teacher and someone who wants to build a profitable business.


In conclusion, teaching English online offers a profitable business opportunity because of its high demand and the convenience of online learning.

The first step in building a profitable business teaching English online is identifying a target market.

Next, teachers can establish themselves as experts and build trust among potential students by obtaining relevant certifications and qualifications that validate their teaching abilities.

Furthermore, choosing the right online platform or freelancing provides access to clients with flexible payment structures and scheduling.

Creating engaging lesson plans customized to individual needs, incorporating interactive activities and multimedia resources, ensures effective learning experiences.

Marketing through various channels and establishing a professional online presence helps attract clients.

And last but not least, taking action, embracing continuous learning, and seeking professional development are essential for success in this field.

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