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Boat Company Wiki: Everything You Need To Know About Boat

Boat Company Wiki is an Indian-based consumer electronics brand established in 2014 and headquartered in Delhi. The brand was founded by Aman Gupta, a JBL employee, and Sameer Mehta, a computer gaming peripheral distribution business entrepreneur.

Post extensive research, founders Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta discovered that the younger generation was looking for affordable, durable audio products that follow the latest fashion trends. The company started as an eCommerce brand with its first sale on Amazon India. Later, it developed its platform and expanded offline. 

Boat company Wiki initially started production in China. But, amid the anti-China sentiment moving across India, and the process of Boycotting Chinese products in the 2021 India-China skirmish, Boat company wiki shifted its manufacturing to India. But it did not claim any losses due to the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme for wearable products provided by the government of India. 

The brand signed a joint venture with manufacturer Dixon Technologies (India) to manufacture wireless products domestically. In December 2021, Aman Gupta appeared in Shark Tank India as a panel of investors. In January 2022, Boat company Wiki acquired the Singapore-based end-to-end smart IoT product company KaHa Pte Ltd.

In the same month, Boat filed an IPO of Rs. 2000 crore with a company valuation of Rs. 11,250 crore – Rs. 15,000 crores at SEBI.


Boat company Wiki designs multiple audio-focused consumer products that include wireless earbuds, wireless speakers, wired headphones, home audio, smartwatches, and an assortment of mobile accessories.

(1) Wireless Earbuds:

Boat company Wiki distributes their line of wireless earbuds under the name Airdopes. The retail price for these products ranges from Rs. 3999 to Rs. 6999. The product offers features such as Bluetooth Headphone connectivity, which provides wireless use, and a carrying case that includes built-in batteries to charge the earbuds when not in use.

(2) Tethered Wireless Earbuds:

The Boat Company Wiki provides a line of tethered wireless earbuds under its Boat and Rockers brands. As of 2020, the tethered wireless earbuds range from Rs. 2990 – Rs. 4990. Just like other wireless earbuds, these do not connect directly to the audio source.

But they connect via a wire. Depending on the model, the connecting wire or the band is worn behind the head or neck like a lanyard.

(3) Wireless Headphones:

The boat offers a line of wireless headphones that include on-ear and over-ear forms. The headphones are marketed under Boat, Nirvana, and Rockerz ranging from Rs. 2990 – Rs. 7990 depending on model and features.

Just like other wireless headphones, Boat company wiki connects via Bluetooth to play audio from sources such as mobile phones, stereo systems, or computers.

In playback mode, Boat draws its power from lithium-ion batteries. Many Boat wireless headphones come with an aux cable that plugs into standard headphone jacks. Multiple models connect headphones to the audio source using this auxiliary audio cable that does not drown the battery.

(4) Wired Headphones or Earbuds:

The boat provides a wide range of wired headphones and earbuds under the BassHeads brand that ranges around Rs. 2490, whereas the wired earbuds range from Rs. 799 – Rs. 1490 in 2020.

Like other wired headphones and earbuds, Boat company wiki devices connect to standard headphone jacks on mobile devices, stereo systems computers, and other audio-output devices These Boat devices draw power from audio sources that they plug into, and do not need power from an amplifier.

5) Smart Watches:

The Boat Company Wiki provides smartwatches with fitness modes, calls, health monitoring features, social media notifications, and texts.

(6) Portable Wireless Speakers:

The boat provides a wide range of portable wireless speakers under their Stone and Rugby brands. The speakers connect to an audio source wirelessly using Bluetooth and have built-in batteries. In 2020, the price ranges between Rs. 2490 – Rs. 12,999 depending on the model and features.

These wireless speakers come in various sizes and form factors designed for multiple uses. The smaller, lower-powered devices are priced lower than their larger variants which provide larger sound outputs, longer battery life, and multiple design options.

(7) Home Audio:

Boat company Wiki offers home audio products using its Avante brand. The brand consists of sound bars and subwoofers for use with home theatre equipment. These are priced between Rs. 9900 – Rs. 24,990. Boat’s home audio products provide features like multiple input modes that include USB-A, aux cable, and Bluetooth. 

8) Mobile Accessories:

The Boat company wiki brand offers mobile device accessories like USB cables and aux audio cables. They also sell a range of portable external batteries under the Energyshroom brand. These can be used to charge mobile devices where there is no power outlet.

Promotions and Marketing:

Boat company Wiki promotes its products through a combination of influencer marketing and brand tie-ups with public events and sports teams. The Boat influencers are known as ‘Boatheads’ that includes names such as singer Neha Kakkar, rapper Naved Shaikh, and cricketers Shreyas Iyer and Hardik Pandya. 

The brand also has tie-ins with sports franchises like Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. Boat co-branded its audio device with music events like Lakme Fashion Week and Sunburn Festival. 

Founder Details:

The Boat Company Wiki Was Co-founded By Two Entrepreneurs Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta.

boat founder
Sameer Mehta and Aman Gupta
  • Aman Gupta is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Boat. Before this, he was the director of sales at Harman International, where he managed the portfolios of consumer electronics brands like Harman Kardon, JBL, and AKG. His first entrepreneurial experience was as the co-founder and CEO of Advanced Telemedia Pvt. Ltd, which launched brands like Sennheiser, Beats Audio, and Telex in the Indian market.
  • Sameer Mehta has entrepreneurial experience before founding Boat. He is also the owner of Redwood Interactive which distributes computer gaming hardware under the brand Redgear. Mehta is also one of the directors at Kores India and was appointed to directorship in February 2010.

What Next?

In its most recent concept, in 2021, Boat launched more products that can jazz up all Boatheads lifestyles. These are products that free-spirited Indians can call their own. These include a wide range of wireless earbuds, earphones, home audio, and smartwatches that are perfect for adventures to workouts. So, get yours today!

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