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Atur Mehta Biography, Net Worth (Harshad Mehta Son), Age, Height

We all are very well aware of the big bull, Harshad Mehta. He is infamous for his 1992 securities scam. Everything about him is open and accessible to everyone. But one thing that a few people know about is that Harshad Mehta and Jyoti Mehta had a son named, Atur Mehta.

Atur Mehta’s identity was and is hidden which is why very few people know about him. 

In this blog, I will give you every detail related to Harshad Mehta’s son Atur Mehta. 

Who is Atur Mehta?

Atur Mehta is popularly known as the son of The big bull Harshad Mehta.

Atur’s father was a famous stockbroker and a businessman.

Harshad’s name was on every person’s tongue when a journalist named Sujata Dalal exposed his scams in front of the world.

Early Life

As Artur’s identity was kept hidden by his parents, little to no is known about him.

Here are some pieces of information available on him on the internet.

Artur Mehta was born in Mumbai, India.

His birth year is estimated to be somewhere between 1985 – 1995.

He completed his schooling at a local private school in Mumbai.

He is Hindu by religion and has Aries as his zodiac sign.

Artur’s father is the infamous stockbroker Harshad Mehta and Artur’s mother’s name is Jyoti Mehta, she is a housemaker.

Artur’s grandfather’s name is Shantilal Mehta he was a middle-class businessman and Artur’s grandmother’s name is Rasilaben Mehta and she is a housemaker.

Artur is a single child of Harshad Mehta and Jyoti Mehta.

Artur’s Uncle’s name is Ashwin Mehta, he helped them a lot while they were fighting the legal battle on behalf of late Harshad Mehta.


It is believed that after his father’s death, Artur also became a stockbroker.

He also started his own business, about which no details are available anywhere.

However, it is said that Artur’s uncle Ashwin Mehta helped Artur a lot in setting up his business.

Personal Life

No information is available about the personal life of Artur Mehta.

Mehta’s family fought a legal battle till 2019 but after that, no information is available about them.

Hence we can not confirm the personal life of Artur Mehta or anything related to Artur’s spouse (if he is married).

Atur Mehta’s Social Media

When the scam of Harshad Mehta was exposed his wife deleted all her social media handles and kept a low profile.

Artur’s social media is no longer available and we think that it was not there in the first place.

What is The Age of Artur Mehta?

Artur’s birth year was somewhere between 1985- 1995 which means that as of 2024 he should be around 25 to 35 years of age.

Atur Mehta After The 1992 Scam

After the scam of 1992, The Mehta family fought the legal battle till 2019, after that it was said that Jyoti Mehta and Artur Mehta settled in the United States and Artur started his very own business.

But there are just claims and we can not confirm this to be true or false.

Where is Atur Mehta Now?

There are rumors that after the legal battle was over Artur and Jyoti Mehta settled in the United States of America.

Why is There So Little Information Available on Artur Mehta on The Internet?

When the scam of 1992 was exposed, Jyoti Mehta and Harshad Mehta did not want their son Artur Mehta to be dragged into the allegations of the scam.

Hence Artur kept a very low profile and hardly any image is available of him on the Internet.

Is Artur Mehta the CTO and co-founder of Square Off?

Harshad Mehta Son

There were once rumors that Artur Mehta and the CTO & co-founder of Square off were the same person but it was proved that it was just the rumors.

He wrote a post on Twitter saying that he is not at all related to Harshad Mehta and everyone has mistakenly taken him as Harshad Mehta’s son – Check this Information

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Picture Of Scam 1992 Harshad Mehta and Family Members

Securities Scam Of 1992

Harshad Mehta’s Story
Harshad Mehta’s Story
Harshad Mehta
Harshad Mehta
Manu Manek
Manu Manek

Jyoti Mehta

Jyoti Mehta Photo

Harshad Mehta Brother

Ashwin Mehta

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So this was all about Artur Mehta. Very little is known about him and we have tried to encapsulate everything available on him inside this blog. If we find any new information on him we readily will update it.

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