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5 Facts About Streaming Platforms That Will Blow Your Mind

There are different streaming platforms around the world that enjoy a massive viewership base, such as YouTube, with over 2 billion users, and other renowned names such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. To run a successful podcast, the selection of the streaming platform is essential and before we look into the mind-blowing facts of platforms, check the link to get an app for your livestream for your podcast today! 

1. The biggest streaming platform

YouTube is the biggest streaming platform, with over 2.6 billion active users! A lot of smaller streaming platforms now work in collaboration with YouTube to get hits on their videos from the existing consumer base of YouTube.

Although its popularity is decreasing due to the number of ads and pushed content, YouTube is far ahead of other services, with the potential to continue its lead for at least 8-10 foreseeable years.

2. Netflix is losing ground

Netflix gained a lot of popularity during the first wave of Covid-19, as the consumer base increased by 16 million subscribers in the first year alone. Since Netflix offers shared screens service as well, with a registered consumer base of 205 million, the actual number of users can go up to the range of 800-900 million people!

Having said that, the streaming giant is losing grounds to the likes of Amazon Prime, Disney+, and other such services. The main reason behind this is the availability of local programs and original content, which the people wish to pay for. India is emerging as a major market, according to Bloomberg, and Amazon Prime has already surpassed Netflix in that region. 

3. Worth of global streaming market

The global streaming market of all the platforms combined is well over $400 billion, and Fortune Business Insights have predicted a growth of $1.3 trillion by the end of 2030! Since there are people who use multiple paid platforms for streaming, the size, and the potential of the market are increasing at an exponential rate.

4. Popular watch times

Podcasts and streams were considered a leisure time activity, but now studies have shown that the popular watch time is during office hours and traveling. This is mainly because of the educational, training, and motivational content available on the streams, which the people like during these hours as well. 51% of the users in the US are male, and the number of songs and videos watch time have reached over billions!

5. The growth of podcasts and streams

The music industry and its viewership have increased by over 22% during 2022, mainly because of YouTube and Spotify. The increase was considered artificial as it was triggered by Covid-19, but even after the situation has eased down, the industry continues to grow rapidly.

The Americans alone stream over 1.02 trillion songs a year! And services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Disney+ are used by people from 13 years to 65+ years! 

The stats and facts about these streaming platforms are mind-blowing when we look at the numbers and the pace of the growth! Soon, these platforms would revamp the entertainment industry.

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